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How to integrate Slack with Outlook

How To Integrate Slack With Outlook

What are the two apps you keep option almost all day? Slack and Outlook, right? And because they’re open, you’re susceptible to flicking between them to conduct repetitive tasks. One thing you do in Slack, you replicate in Outlook. We live in a world of automation. Why can’t you integrate the two? Well, in this ...

Microsoft Teams emojis

Microsoft Teams Emojis: When, How, And Why To Use Them 🤔

It might seem a trivial aspect on the face of it but Microsoft Teams emojis have become a staple in the way we use asynchronous messaging. From a laugh to notify your colleague you found them funny (even if you didn’t) to a sad face to save you from fumbling the words, written communication needs ...

Microsoft Teams Notifications

Get Your Head Around Microsoft Teams Notifications

If you’re getting too many Microsoft Teams notifications, rest assured you’re not alone. Or perhaps you’re not getting any and there’s clearly a problem. Or maybe it’s that you’re getting some but at the wrong time and they’re not the ones you want. In order to avoid notification overload on any platform, it’s important to ...

Zoom whiteboard

Zoom Whiteboard Launches: Here’s How To Use It

In April 2022, Zoom launched a new revamped virtual whiteboard feature. The new whiteboard includes key collaboration features like: Persistence: Zoom Whiteboard is now accessible not only during Zoom meetings but also as a standalone feature before and after meetings. This is great for asynchronous collaboration. Power: You and your team can attach sticky notes, ...

Symphony App

Symphony App Overview & Why WhatsApp & WeChat Interop Is Crucial

The Symphony app has long been viewed as the preference for financial institutions and businesses who need to keep their collaboration solutions on-premises. Why on-premises? While cloud software involves a third-party hosting the application on their servers, on-prem software involves the app developers owning the servers and resources. In other words, cloud data security is ...

Slack Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

84 Slack Keyboard Shortcuts: Your Cheat Sheet

If you’re looking for the best Slack keyboard shortcuts then you’re in the right place. In this post, we detail how Slack shortcuts work, the most common shortcuts, and even how you can create your own. Let’s get started! What are shortcuts in Slack? In Slack, “shortcuts” have a wider scope than merely triggering quick ...