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Corey McCraw is a writer for Dispatch.
Google Chat

Google Chat: Everything You Need to Know in 2023

Google has announced that it is rebranding G Suite to Google Workspace for business customers. Integral to the Workspace experience is Google Chat, which provides a means of business communications with colleagues in a similar vein as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Mattermost. What is Google Chat? Google Chat is a secure communications tool designed to ...

Microsoft Teams tools

10 Must-Use Microsoft Teams Tools For Your Business

Microsoft Teams is a solution that grants a lot of functionality that expands past fostering communication between colleagues. For example, did you know there are Microsoft Teams tools to securely stream video content from various sources?  If you’re new to Teams, or busy managing the service, you’d be forgiven for not knowing about every feature ...

RingCentral app

RingCentral: For Team Messaging, Video Conferencing, and Calling

No matter the size of your organization, easy communications is critical. For this reason, businesses are using Unified Communications solutions like RingCentral to keep their teams in touch.  Statistics have indicated that remote work has increased by 400% between 2010 and 2020, and solutions like RingCentral make it easier for team members to stay in ...