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Cross platform messaging

How To Enable Cross-Platform Messaging In Your Business

Cross-platform messaging is the ability to send a message from one platform to another. We do this from Apple to Android in the mobile world. We can now even do this between Xbox and PlayStation. So why can’t we do this in the business world? The answer lies in APIs. Or, more pertinently, access to ...

Webex interoperability

The Impact Webex Interoperability Has On Users [And Partners]

Unlike most traditional VoIP/unified communications providers, Cisco has long taken the approach that an open and integrative ecosystem is a thriving one. Looking as far back as XMPP in Jabber or not so far back to Webex Teams, external federation has been part and parcel of the collaboration offering. If you use Webex in your ...

Context switching

The Real Cost Of Context Switching [And How To Solve It]

Context switching is the art of moving between different apps, modes of work, conversations, or topics. It’s an art that so many of us have perfected. And, like all great art, it’s mighty expensive. We can switch apps (and therefore context) at the drop of a hat. Or, more accurately, the alt+tab of a keyboard ...

Microsoft Teams Chat With Self

What’s The Deal With The Microsoft Teams Chat With Self Feature?

In June 2022, Microsoft introduced the “chat with self” feature in Teams and confirmed all users should have access by the end of September. That’s right, you can now have a conversation with yourself right in Microsoft Teams. Sounds a bit weird? It’s not when you understand the use case. Slack users have been doing ...

Zoom interoperability

The Impact Zoom Interoperability Has On Users [And Partners]

If you look at the history of Zoom, you’ll see integrative steps it’s taken to ensure the user experience is at the forefront of everything it rolls out. While many users cite its ease of use as the reason for their adoption, there’s a lot more than the front end making this experience seamless. From ...

Zoom Phone vs Teams Phone

Zoom Phone vs Microsoft Teams Phone: The Complete Breakdown

When comparing Zoom Phone vs Microsoft Teams Phone, there are rather a few differences between the two. Unlike VoIP packages of old, both vendors provide integrative phone solutions in their own collaboration apps. Of course, there’s a lot more to both Zoom and Teams than just cloud calling… Click here for a full comparison of ...