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How to use threads in Microsoft Teams

Tom Arbuthnot Explains Microsoft Teams Threads & Replies

When researching how to use threads in Microsoft Teams, you get a lot of negativity from users used to Slack threads and other platforms like Reddit where threads are the lifeblood. Rather than this be a blog post comparing how different platforms use threads, we’ve asked Microsoft MVP, Tom Arbuthnot, to author a section on ...

Microsoft Teams channels best practices

10 Microsoft Teams Channels Best Practices

When you set up a new channel in Microsoft Teams, what do you communicate to members? What the channel is for? Guidelines for this specific channel? Often, we create new channels in Microsoft Teams and hit the ground running. We share a document, we message colleagues, and everyday life continues. Fast forward to the end ...

Slack API

6 Really Cool Things You Can Do With The Slack API

We know that “work is no longer a place you go” and that Slack is positioning itself as the place to work. But we also see genuine evidence that Slack is enabling genuine productivity through its automations, integrations, and open API. Integration and workflow automation has been at the heart of Slack’s vision from the ...

The History And Future Of Message Interoperability

The History And Future Of Message Interoperability

Message interoperability, often shortened to message interop or chat interop, has been a longing desire for enterprises since the general acceptance of instant messaging in businesses. While today sees enterprises juggle multiple collaboration applications like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Webex, and Zoom, interoperability has been an unrealized need since we tried to manage the sales team ...

Webex virtual background

How To Add Virtual Backgrounds On Webex

In this post, we’ll show you how to add virtual backgrounds on Webex in just a few simple steps. First up, you’ll need to join your Webex meeting. Either start a new meeting from your Webex app or join a scheduled meeting. You can do this from Webex directly or via your email app. When ...