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How To Create A New Team In Microsoft Teams

If you’re looking to create a new team in Microsoft Teams, this post provides step-by-step instructions that cover various scenarios. Alongside accompanying screenshots, you’ll find instructions for: How to create a new team in Microsoft Teams How to create a channel in Microsoft Teams How to add Slack users to a team in Microsoft Teams ...

Eric Yuan Zoom

The History Of Eric Yuan’s Zoom

When COVID-19 brought the world to a halt in March 2020, Eric Yuan knew millions of people would rely on Zoom. Since then, Zoom has been one of the largest beneficiaries of the remote work boom of 2020 and 2021.  With mind-boggling growth stats, like 300 million daily meeting participants and 3.5 trillion annual meeting ...


5 Must-See Zoomtopia Sessions To Add To Your Calendar

Zoomtopia is Zoom’s annual user and partner conference. In 2021, the event remains virtual and will be hosted via Zoom’s own event functionality. Make sure you sign up to Zoomtopia to register for sessions and build your own agenda. Zoomtopia runs from 13th September to 14th September 2021 and includes sessions to cater to audiences ...

Zoom Microsoft Teams plugin

Which Zoom Microsoft Teams Plugin Is Right For Me?

If you’re a user of both Zoom and Microsoft Teams, you may find yourself flicking between platforms. With 300 million Zoom users and 145 million Microsoft Teams daily active users, you’re not alone. How much time do you lose swapping between apps to help your colleagues? Even if you only use one of these platforms, ...

Slack threads

Slack Threads: Best Friend Or Arch Enemy?

Slack threads, when used correctly, can be your best friend. The simple message thread feature allows you to add additional context, reply to, or tag a colleague in any Slack channel message or direct message (DM). By adding context in a thread, you avoid a screen of mass messages. So, rather than your channel looking ...

Microsoft Teams end user experience

15 Tips To Improve Your Microsoft Teams End User Experience

If you’re a Teams administrator, champion, or power user, part of your role is likely to help improve the Microsoft Teams end user experience. Heck, even if you’re a friendly person who wants people to use their tools more productively, you’ll want to do this. In this post, we run through some key tools and ...