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Enterprise CIOs

Top 100 Enterprise CIOs You Should Follow

1 – Faraz Shafiq, Global Chief Digital Officer at Amazon Web Services Faraz Shafiq is currently holding the positions of Global Head of Digital Transformation and Global Head of Product Management at Amazon Web Services (AWS).  In these positions, He serves as a combination of Chief Data and AI Officer, CTO, and CIO. Faraz oversees ...

Google Chat vs Webex

Google Chat vs Webex: How To Choose Between Two Giants

Both Google and Cisco have major claims when it comes to chat platforms. Google has Google Chat and Cisco has Webex. While there are obvious similarities (both support basic chat functions like messaging, file uploads, GIFs, etc.), there are some striking differences that set these two apart. In this post, we’re going to compare the ...

Google Chat vs Zoom Team Chat

Google Chat vs Zoom Team Chat: Which Will You Choose?

Google Chat and Zoom Team Chat are two popular communication platforms that are widely used in today’s remote work environment.  But which is better?  On one hand, you have Google Chat—the tried and tested messaging platform from the search giant Google. On the other, you have Zoom Team Chat—a relative newcomer that’s taken the remote ...

Slack vs Google Chat

Slack vs Google Chat: Is There Finally A Winner?

We’ve been comparing apps like Slack vs Google Chat for many years without finding a winner for the category. Who says there even has to be an outright winner? While we recognize the importance of selecting the right chat app for your organization, we’ve written this article to introduce the main differences between Slack and ...