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What to do with Slack users when migrating from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams?

How to Use Slack the Right Way: For Pros

February 3, 2020 Blog How We Chat 1 Comment

From “How to use Slack” on its own to “How to use Slack with Microsoft Teams,” there’s a lot of questions constantly being asked about Slack. We’ve put together the top 11 “How To” questions facing Slack users today so that you can get started. #1 – How to use Slack (setting up) Let’s start ...

Thinking of blocking Slack?

Here’s Why You Should Only Use “Block Slack” as Plan B

January 1, 2020 Blog 5 Comments

Need to block Slack in the office? Slack now boasts 12 million daily active users (DAU). As one of the most popular productivity tools in the world, Slack connects everyone, anywhere and at all times. Slack in an extremely valuable tool to have. After all, constant communication paves the way for collaboration. If all your ...

5 steps to messaging interoperability

5 Steps to Achieve Messaging Interoperability in 2020

January 1, 2020 Blog How We Chat 0 Comments

You’re probably here because you need to achieve messaging interoperability within your enterprise. If you’ve invested in a team messaging app like Slack, Cisco Webex Teams or Microsoft Teams, the productivity gains will have no doubt paid back some of your investment. Despite this and your more streamlined workforce, email remains the most commonly used ...

Jabber Webex Slack

Can You Really Combine Cisco Jabber, Slack and Webex Teams?

September 19, 2019 Blog 0 Comments

Cisco recently announced businesses can now connect Cisco Jabber to the Webex cloud. This new hybrid solution for communication is excellent for companies making a gradual migration to Webex Teams. This all seems great, until you realise you have users that have both Slack and Jabber. Organizations using Jabber will have the opportunity to enable ...

How to use Microsoft Teams with Cisco Webex Teams

How to use Microsoft Teams with Cisco Webex Teams

May 3, 2019 Blog 1 Comment

Wish you knew how to use Microsoft Teams with Cisco Webex Teams? Don’t worry. You will know how to soon enough. While some companies believe they need to choose between apps, many businesses would prefer the option to simply stick with both tools in the same environment. You may enjoy certain features on Cisco Webex, ...