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Bridging the Gap: Email & Slack

A series looking at the current ways to unify incoming messages As teams have embraced new messaging tools for work chat, applications such as Slack, Cisco Spark, Stride, Skype for Business, and Microsoft Teams have taken center stage. Despite all the great features and improved workflows built into these enterprise messaging products — email maintains a ...

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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #12

November 3, 2017 Industry News 0 Comments

Oh hey, it’s November! 🦃 Here’s what you need to know in enterprise chat news this week: Botkit for all 🤖 The Bot Capital of the World is at it again! This time our good friends from Botkit have dropped a giant update to Botkit Studio — a bot building platform. Ben Brown made a major ...

Product Review: HourStack

Track and Connect Remote Teams, Increase Productivity Team Based Time Tracking and Resource Scheduling: HourStack.io The world of work as we know it is dynamic and changing more than ever. Freelancers occupied just 6% of the workforce in 1989. Today, that number is over 43%. Remote working has also become more accepted, with reports showing ...

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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #11

October 27, 2017 Industry News 0 Comments

Enterprise messaging platform news is still flowing in as October comes to a close! 🍁 Here’s what you need to know in news this week: End-to-end Encryption with Wire Another contender for business chat 💬 Wire’s features for business chat 💬 Wire is bringing consumer app standards to the business world with their new platform. With the ...

Product Review: Butter.ai for Slack

October 18, 2017 How We Chat 0 Comments

Infinitely smarter through team shared knowledge How many times has a teammate asked you the following line: “Hey- what’s the name of that file with notes from our October planning session?” “Where are the PSD files for our logo?” Whether you remember or not, one of you ends up spending some unwanted amount of time discussing ...

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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #8

September 29, 2017 Industry News 0 Comments

Wow, is it Friday already?! We were busy this week and apparently many major enterprise messaging platforms were too! Here’s what we found interesting this week: Microsoft Teams to replace Skype for Business It’s officially official. Microsoft is going all-in on Teams. At the start of the week during MS Ignite, Microsoft publicly declared the Microsoft ...

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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #7

September 22, 2017 Industry News 0 Comments

Check out the news we followed this week: Keybase.io’s Fully Encrypted Enterprise Messaging Another week, another chat platform launches For the last few weeks, enterprise chat platforms have come out of the woodwork, laser-focused on Slack. We’ve seen announcements for similar services like Eko and Stride — and now, Keybase.io. All of these new platforms ...

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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #6

September 15, 2017 Industry News 0 Comments

This week was a jam packed full of conference news and platform announcements in the enterprise chat space! Some of the Message.io team was on the ground in SF, so if you weren’t able to make it, be sure to catch up on the roll-up below. 1- Slack & Atlassian Conference Highlights: Slack’s Shared Channels, ...