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Kai An Chee is a Marketing Intern at Mio and a professional actor.
Cross platform adoption

5 Tips To Boost Cross-Platform Adoption

When you install Mio to enable cross-platform messaging, the key to getting people to break out of their workplace silos is empowering adoption. Rather than investing in message interoperability and hoping people start sending cross-platform messages, we’re going to share five things we’ve seen work first-hand in some of the largest enterprises that use Mio. ...

Slack etiquette

Slack Etiquette Guide: 10 Do’s And Don’ts

Slack etiquette. A phrase you’re familiar with or an alien concept? It’s rarely anything in between. The nature of chat apps makes it tempting to blur the lines of workplace conversation. Are emojis unprofessional? Should I share a photo of my breakfast? How do I reply to messages without breaking up the flow of conversation?  ...