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Shubhankar is VoIP and SaaS content marketing writer. He has worked as a network engineer for over a decade.
Webex Keyboard Shortcuts

90+ Webex Keyboard Shortcuts To Speed Up Your Day

So you’ve got used to using Webex, can operate all the fancy controls, and have optimized your video setup. What’s next? Mastering Webex! In this post, we’ll show you Webex keyboard shortcuts for both video conferencing and chat. Using keyboard shortcuts becomes a habit for common apps like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and simple tasks ...

Connect Cisco Jabber and Microsoft Teams

3 Ways To Connect Cisco Jabber And Microsoft Teams

When you’ve got legacy users who need to communicate with new remote users, it’s time to connect Cisco Jabber and Microsoft Teams. You might have been a Cisco house since the introduction of your PBX or telepresence solution many moons ago. But, upon moving to remote working, you’ve now got pockets of Microsoft Teams users ...