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Teams Federation With Slack

How To Set Up Teams Federation With Slack

If you need to set up Teams federation with Slack for your messages, Mio provides behind-the-scenes message interoperability.  This allows you to connect channels or users cross-platform so they can send a message from Teams to Slack or from Slack to Teams. In this guide, we’ll show you how to set up Teams federation with ...

Connect Slack and Google Calendar

How To Connect Slack To Your Google Calendar

Slack + Google is one of the most popular combinations for both work and personal use. Whereas Microsoft Teams users often stick with Outlook, Word, Excel, etc., if you’re a Slack user running a calendar, it’s likely Google. Note: if you’re a Slack user using Outlook, check out this guide to integrating Slack and Outlook. ...

Integrate Webex With Google Calenda

How To Integrate Webex With Google Calendar

If you are using Google Calendar for scheduling and Webex as your collaboration platform, integration doesn’t have to be a challenge.  In this article, we’ll show you step-by-step how to integrate Webex with Google Calendar. How to set up Webex integration with Google Calendar If your administrator hasn’t installed the Webex app for users but ...

Microsoft Teams Chat With Self

What’s The Deal With The Microsoft Teams Chat With Self Feature?

In June 2022, Microsoft introduced the “chat with self” feature in Teams and confirmed all users should have access by the end of September. That’s right, you can now have a conversation with yourself right in Microsoft Teams. Sounds a bit weird? It’s not when you understand the use case. Slack users have been doing ...

Integrate Microsoft Teams Salesforce

How To Integrate Microsoft Teams With Salesforce

If you’re using both Microsoft Teams and Salesforce, you’ve got access to two of the most popular collaboration and sales management tools in the world. So, why aren’t you using them in a more productive manner? In this guide, we run through how to integrate Microsoft Teams with various components of Salesforce (including Slack). We ...

Zoom interoperability

The Impact Zoom Interoperability Has On Users [And Partners]

If you look at the history of Zoom, you’ll see integrative steps it’s taken to ensure the user experience is at the forefront of everything it rolls out. While many users cite its ease of use as the reason for their adoption, there’s a lot more than the front end making this experience seamless. From ...

Zoom Phone vs Microsoft Teams Phone

Zoom Phone vs Microsoft Teams Phone: The Complete Breakdown

When comparing Zoom Phone vs Microsoft Teams Phone, there are rather a few differences between the two. Unlike VoIP packages of old, both vendors provide integrative phone solutions in their own collaboration apps. Of course, there’s a lot more to both Zoom and Teams than just cloud calling… Click here for a full comparison of ...

Zoom Rooms vs Microsoft Teams Rooms

Zoom Rooms vs Microsoft Teams Rooms: Which Is Best?

The main differentiator between Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms is that Zoom has a unique kiosk mode, while Teams works to create secure internal meetings, with its emphasis on security and integration with Microsoft Teams. Both, of course, have plenty of meeting and meeting room features. While this guide is designed to showcase the ...