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How to integrate Slack with Outlook

How To Integrate Slack With Outlook

What are the two apps you keep option almost all day? Slack and Outlook, right? And because they’re open, you’re susceptible to flicking between them to conduct repetitive tasks. One thing you do in Slack, you replicate in Outlook. It’s 2022 and we live in a world of automation. Why can’t you integrate the two? ...

How to enable live transcription on Zoom

How To Enable Live Transcription On Zoom

“I can’t hear you. Can you please speak louder?” Are you tired of situations like these in Zoom meetings? Is manual transcription too time-consuming a process to even consider?  Everyone could use a closed captioning and transcription feature for such situations. Good news! It’s here. In this post, we introduce Zoom’s live transcription feature and ...

Zoom breakout rooms

How To Set Up Your First Zoom Breakout Room

One of the most helpful Zoom features we’ve come across is Zoom breakout rooms. Here, members can have separate private sessions set up by the host away from the main Zoom meeting.  These are particularly useful when there are lots of members and not enough time for each of them to speak during the meeting ...

Microsoft Teams emojis

Microsoft Teams Emojis: When, How, And Why To Use Them 🤔

It might seem a trivial aspect on the face of it but Microsoft Teams emojis have become a staple in the way we use asynchronous messaging. From a laugh to notify your colleague you found them funny (even if you didn’t) to a sad face to save you from fumbling the words, written communication needs ...

Webex messaging tips and tricks

12 Webex Messaging Tips And Tricks You Can Steal

How do you currently collaborate in Webex? What if we told you there were at least 12 ways you can change your Webex messaging experience forever? Abhay Kulkarni recently told Mio that the new Webex app was made for users. That’s people like you and us. And it hasn’t disappointed. There are tons of new ...

Message Interoperability Best Practices

10 Message Interoperability Best Practices You Need To Know

How easy is it to get everyone onto the same collaboration platform?  You’ve got your Microsoft fans preaching the new features of Microsoft Teams and your CTO suggesting you go all-in on Webex. It’s a constant battle, isn’t it? Whether you’re debating Slack vs Teams or Webex vs Zoom, there’s always going to be a ...

Zoom etiquette

Zoom Etiquette: Don’t Ignore These 20 Zoom Tips

If you look through the history of Zoom, you’ll see that, recently, the pace of innovation has increased exponentially. There are so many new things added to Zoom that some ‌‌tips we learned during the pandemic are already out of date. Because of this, we’ve decided to document what we deem as Zoom etiquette. Is ...

Microsoft Teams Notifications

Get Your Head Around Microsoft Teams Notifications

If you’re getting too many Microsoft Teams notifications, rest assured you’re not alone. Or perhaps you’re not getting any and there’s clearly a problem. Or maybe it’s that you’re getting some but at the wrong time and they’re not the ones you want. In order to avoid notification overload on any platform, it’s important to ...