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Salesforce Slack Microsoft Teams

Why Salesforce Should Embrace Interop with Microsoft

In November 2020, Salesforce announced its intention to acquire Slack for $27.7bn. The immediate sentiment was that Slack and Salesforce thought they would be better together—but insisted taking on Microsoft was not the main reason for their partnership. Ron Miller of TechCrunch reported the expectation that comes from a deal of such high value and ...

Combat Zoom fatigue

6 Ways to Combat Zoom Fatigue (And 1 Bonus Tool)

Zoom fatigue is the latest phrase we’ve added to our vocabulary since we started working from home. Whether you were forced to work from home during the pandemic or had been working from home for years, Zoom fatigue has become a very real issue we’re suffering from. In this post, we’ll cover why Zoom makes ...

Microsoft Teams shared channels

How to Quickly Set Up Microsoft Teams Shared Channels

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Microsoft Teams shared channels do not exist yet. But, that’s not to say they’re not wanted, needed, or possible to achieve. In this post, we’ll assess whether customer demand is there and look at your current options to set up a Microsoft Teams channel across organizations. Can you ...

Direct Messaging Federation in Microsoft Teams

6 Great Options for Microsoft Teams Direct Messaging Federation

Microsoft Teams supports various ways of communicating with external users. When it comes to direct messaging, you’d have thought it would be simple to send a person-to-person message even if they’re not in your immediate team. Microsoft Teams direct messaging federation helps support cross-tenant and cross-platform messaging. In this post, we dig into which option ...

Connect Zoom and Slack

How to Connect Zoom and Slack in 2021

If your team uses both Slack and Zoom, you’re probably wondering how to make your life easier. If you want to connect Zoom and Slack, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we run through all your options to connect Slack and Zoom – and we’ve even gone and started working on our ...

Slack shared channels

Slack Shared Channels: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet 2021

Slack shared channels, introduced in 2017, allow two separate organizations to work together in the same channel – each without leaving their workspace. Since posting, Slack Connect has also been launched – this takes the premise of a shared channel and opens it up to 20 different organizations within the same shared channel. In this guide, ...