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Google Next 2023 opening keynote

Google Next 2023 Roundup: 5 Innovative Google Chat Sessions

Google Cloud Next is Google’s annual conference focused on highlighting the latest developments and product innovations in AI, Cloud, and Collaboration.  This year, Google Next was held from August 29th–August 31st in San Francisco, California. With keynotes and lightning talks by industry leaders and some exciting announcements from the Mio team, this year’s event was ...

Enterprise CIOs

Top 100 Enterprise CIOs You Should Follow

1 – Faraz Shafiq, Global Chief Digital Officer at Amazon Web Services Faraz Shafiq is currently holding the positions of Global Head of Digital Transformation and Global Head of Product Management at Amazon Web Services (AWS).  In these positions, He serves as a combination of Chief Data and AI Officer, CTO, and CIO. Faraz oversees ...

Microsoft Teams Status Settings

Microsoft Teams Status Settings To Keep On Top Of Your Workload

Remaining productive throughout the day is one of the greatest challenges we all face when working in a digital world. Making sure everyone knows when we’re available, busy, or deep in focus work is crucial so that we don’t get disturbed and colleagues don’t try to reach us when we’re not at our desks. Thankfully, ...

Microsoft Teams Message Interoperability

The Ultimate Guide To Microsoft Teams Message Interoperability

Imagine a world where your users could send messages to each other regardless of the platform they’re using. They open their app, write what they need to, and hit send. That’s it. Message sent and message delivered. What a simplistic nirvana. Yet, the world of collaboration apps has changed this simple concept to a far-fetched ...

Is There An App That Combines All Messaging Apps?

Is There An App That Combines All Messaging Apps?

How many times have you sat down to focus on deep work, only to get a dozen pings from half a dozen different messaging apps?  A question from a co-worker on Slack.  A reply to your Twitter thread.  A client request on Microsoft Teams. No wonder you feel stressed juggling all these screens and trying ...

Cross-platform Communication App

Is There A Cross-platform Communication App?

Yes, there is! Let me introduce you to Mio. In today’s business landscape, effective communication is essential for success.  But, with the availability of multiple collaboration platforms, connecting and communicating seamlessly across different platforms can be a challenge.  Enter Mio, a revolutionary cross-platform communication app that facilitates message interoperability for Microsoft Teams, Slack, Webex, and ...

The History Of Microsoft Teams

The History Of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams passed 300 million monthly users in May 2023 and shows few signs of stopping. This stat, let alone the other mega numbers and stats, makes it a leader among today’s breed of business communications platforms. Today’s business collaboration apps are the Swiss Army Knives for our desktop workers. Is Microsoft Teams primarily a ...