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Problems with external federation Slack Cisco Webex Teams Microsoft Teams

External Federation: 7 Problems And How You Can Fix Them

February 11, 2020 Blog 2 Comments

If you’re reading this post as the fourth in our external federation series, you might be thinking that federation is the absolute solution to your team collaboration nightmares. And you’re right. If your day could be made easier by not having to leave your favorite app like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Webex Teams, federation between ...

Where will external federation between Slack Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Teams be in 1 years time

External Federation: Where Will It Be 1 Year From Now?

February 10, 2020 Blog 2 Comments

By now, you’ve learned the differences between the expectations and realities of external federation. In this post, we’ll take a look at what the state of external federation will be in a year’s time. Table of Contents: History of External Federation The Current State of External Federation Where will External Federation be 1 Year From ...

Introduction to external federation for Slack Microsoft Teams Cisco Webex Teams

External Federation: An Introduction

February 10, 2020 Blog 3 Comments

In this post, we introduce the principle of external federation in the world of team collaboration apps. From its beginnings in the team collaboration world within Microsoft Lync to the latest innovations linking your company to external vendors, suppliers, contractors, and customers, we cover what external federation is, how it’s evolved, disappeared, and is thriving ...

Migrate from Microsoft Teams to Webex Teams

How to Migrate from Microsoft Teams to Webex Teams

February 5, 2020 Blog 0 Comments

Wondering how to migrate from Microsoft Teams to Webex Teams, the easy way? There are plenty of reasons why you might find yourself in that position.  You might have decided to invest in new software. Perhaps a merger or acquisition is pushing you to get all of your team members on the same platform.  Whatever ...