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Enterprise messaging interoperability and federation

Interoperability in 2019 will Drive Better Collaboration

September 10, 2019 Blog 12 Comments

In collaboration IT, interoperability usually happens when competitors work together. When two competing systems work together, without regard to brand name, the end user’s outcome then becomes the same. This is crucial for collaboration to enable, well, genuine collaboration. Lack of interoperability in collaborative businesses creates communication silos, friction, and often leads to what we’ve ...

How to sync Slack channels with Webex spaces

Use the Mio Hub to sync Slack Channels with Webex Spaces

August 27, 2019 Blog 0 Comments

Struggling to get your Slack and Webex Teams users in sync? If you’ve got users on both Slack and Cisco Webex Teams, then you could be facing some serious silos in your workplace communication. Luckily, we’re here to help.  Here’s how you can sync Slack channels with Webex Teams spaces and remove the gaps in ...

Skype for Business 2019 will remain supported when Skype for Business Online goes end of life

Skype for Business End of Life – What Happens Next?

July 30, 2019 Blog 9 Comments

Microsoft today confirmed the Skype for Business Online end of life date as July 31, 2021. In this post, we shed some light on the steps Microsoft is taking and have sourced some helpful links to help plan your migration. Common FAQs include: Our recently published Workplace Messaging Report should also help your journey from ...