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Slack threads

Slack Threads: Best Friend Or Arch Enemy?

Slack threads, when used correctly, can be your best friend. The simple message thread feature allows you to add additional context, reply to, or tag a colleague in any Slack channel message or direct message (DM). By adding context in a thread, you avoid a screen of mass messages. So, rather than your channel looking ...

Microsoft Teams end user experience

15 Tips To Improve Your Microsoft Teams End User Experience

If you’re a Teams administrator, champion, or power user, part of your role is likely to help improve the Microsoft Teams end user experience. Heck, even if you’re a friendly person who wants people to use their tools more productively, you’ll want to do this. In this post, we run through some key tools and ...

Slack Huddles

Slack Huddles: What Are They & How To Use Them

Slack Huddles is one of the latest features added to your favorite collaboration app.  Inspired by the Clubhouse drop-in audio app, you now have access to a business version that you can use with your colleagues. In this article, we’ll walk you through the following: What is a Slack Huddle? Isn’t it just a Slack ...

How To Schedule Messages On Slack

How To Schedule Messages On Slack

Can you schedule messages on Slack? In June 2021, Slack announced the launch of a “schedule message” feature. Rather than relying on Slack integrations like Message Them Later, Slack Scheduler, or Send It Later, you can now queue up a Slack message to send at a later time. How it works Managing communication within your ...

Zoom Outlook Plugin

How To Use The Zoom Outlook Plugin

The Zoom Outlook plugin will help you integrate your favorite video conferencing tool into your most-used email app. As both tools are leaders in their fields, it’s only natural that you’re one of the millions who are using both Zoom and Outlook. Zoom boasts over 300 million daily meeting participants and Outlook is flying with ...

How To Add Webex To Outlook 365

How To Add Webex To Outlook 365

If you want to add Webex to Outlook 365, find your variation below and follow the steps outlined in the rest of this post. There are over 130 million active Webex users and over 400 million Outlook users so adding Webex to Outlook is a common query. It’s not known how many people use both ...