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Will these 35 Webex Integrations Transform your Business?

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Webex integrations


Will these 35 Webex Integrations Transform your Business?

Webex integrations

Ready to take your Webex productivity tools to the next level? If you use Cisco Webex and are looking for ways to enhance the experience, that’s where the top 35 Webex integrations, bots, and apps come in.

We’ve collated the best Webex integrations and sorted them by app type. Use this menu to skip to your most pressing requirement. Then, flick back to review some of the other apps you could be utilizing.

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Enhancing communication & collaboration with Webex integrations


CallPlease within Cisco Webex Teams

If you’re looking for an easy way to sync phone calls and messages, either as a virtual assistant or sales manager, CallPlease could be a helpful addition to your workflow.

With this integration, you can track messages and calls between members of your team, groups, and even your customers or clients

CallPlease also works with any member who is part of a Cisco Webex space – even if they’re not a CallPlease user.

With CallPlease you can:

  • Manage calls
  • Track and sync phone calls
  • Find information from calls
  • Assign and record calls

Mio for Internal Interoperability with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom Chat

Does your organization use more than 2 chat apps?

If the answer is yes, according to research, they’ll likely be using Slack or Microsoft Teams.

When this is the case, it becomes extremely unproductive moving out of Webex, into your colleague’s choice of app, and starting the conversation again.

Or even worse, end up resorting to email like it’s the 90s. (Okay, email has a purpose but you get the point).

That’s why Mio has created cross-platform interoperability for Webex with Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom Chat.

You can stay in Webex and send messages to your colleagues on different platforms.

They stay in their platform too and Mio translates the messages across platform.

And it’s not just messages that are supported! GIFs, emojis, channels, DMs, and message edits/deletes are all supported.

If this sounds like something you need, learn more here.


Designed to improve workflow for agile teams, ScrumGenius runs automated check-in and standup meetings for Webex users.

With ScrumGenius, you can check the progress and performance of employees, and help teams keep their productivity in check through agile “sprints.”

Unlike other bots, ScrumGenius also detects “blockers” that are preventing work from getting done and tracks your team’s progress towards independent and group goals.

ScrumGenius integrates with third-party tools like Azure DevOps, GitHub, and JIRA too. Features include:

  • Integrations with developer apps
  • Automation for meetings, check-ins, and retrospectives
  • Configuration and customization for each user
  • Scrum agile sprint tracking
  • “Block” detection
ScrumGenius within Webex Teams

Google Calendar

When it comes to collaboration, there are few things more important than ensuring your teams are available in the same place, at the same times for crucial meetings. Google Calendar can help with that.

With the Google Calendar Integration for Webex, you’ll be able to send custom notifications to employees through Webex, organize schedules, and keep meetings on track.

To get started, just go into your Webex space and click @ to select Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Webex Teams integration

Features include:

  • Event creation
  • Customizable reminders and notifications
  • Daily reminders
  • Automated shared invites

Alfresco by Endava

Alfresco works by automatically providing a notification update in Webex when files or documents are changed in a service that doesn’t connect with Webex.

Essentially, this tool means that your employees and coworkers can spend less time checking their email inbox and waiting for updates, and more time collaborating in Webex.


You can receive status change notifications for:

  • file created (or moved in)
  • when files have been updated
  • file deleted (or moved out)

Microsoft Excel Online

Since Microsoft Teams is a direct competitor of Cisco Webex, you’d think the two companies wouldn’t want to work so closely together.

However, Cisco is more than happy to provide integrations with crucial Microsoft productivity tools like Excel. 

You can share and update sheets via Microsoft Excel, and get automatic updates sent in real-time to your colleagues and coworkers. Word and PowerPoint is also supported.

Webex Teams integrations for Office suite

The Microsoft Excel Online bot is a native integration for Cisco Webex. All you need to do to use it is:

  • Go to your preferred Webex space
  • Type @ and select Excel Online
  • Enter the help command


Blitzz takes collaboration in the workplace to the next level with a live video app specifically designed for field service agents. This platform uses both augmented reality and videos to help technicians support customers and collaborate with their teams over difficult problems. 

Field techs can show the rest of their team a customer’s equipment, so that groups can work on the same issue on real-time, without being in the same place. 

Features include:

  • Markup of live images: draw on pictures and videos in augmented reality to solve issues faster
  • Camera sharing: share the camera on your mobile device to allow other people to visually inspect your situation.
  • Image recognition: Implement intelligent image recognition technology.
  • Data analytics: In-depth insights for your video content


Keeping your teams connected in the same space is difficult in today’s evolving workplace. With so many remote and mobile employees to cater to, it’s challenging to ensure that projects run smoothly. 

Fortunately, Basecamp helps with this by allowing you to communicate with people more effectively within your Cisco Webex space. Basecamp allows you to create customizable notifications that grab the attention of employees when an issue arises. As you collaborate to deal with the problem over video or instant chat, you can look back through your Basecamp records to see how problems were handled in the past. 


Notification options include:

  • Event created, deleted or updated
  • Check-in question posted, answered or updated
  • Doc created, updated, or deleted
  • To-do-list created, updated, or deleted
  • File comment added

Enhance productivity in Webex


Wish it was easier to track projects and keep your team on track?

Redbooth is one of a few Webex integrations that simplify workflow management within Cisco Webex. You can plan projects efficiently with easy-to-use timelines and checklists and ask your team members to track and comment on their progress. 

The integration uses a bot to connect a Webex room to a Redbooth workspace. You can manage your projects or tasks within the Redbooth application separately or organize everything in Webex by typing @Redbooth help.

Rebooth Webex Teams integrations

Features include:

  • Day-to-day project management
  • Timelines and scheduling
  • Checklists and deadlines
  • Task assignments


Azendoo helps teams to plan, execute, and sync work on crucial projects.

At its heart, Azendoo is a work tracking tool designed to make teams as productive and efficient as possible. Using the simple interface, you can ensure that your team is staying on top of tasks, assign deadlines, and deliver crucial attachments. 

Azendoo brings basic team organization and works planning into the Cisco Webex workspace. 

  • Organize and sync task lists and projects
  • Deliver attachments and assign due dates to tasks
  • Follow team progress and activity with notifications
  • Create and follow tasks on Azendoo directly from Webex


The to-do list is still a valuable component of a productive workplace. 

The Wunderlist app for Cisco Webex helps companies to tackle to-do lists more efficiently.

Track and manage Webex notifications for new, updated, and reassigned tasks. You can even assign jobs to people who aren’t Wunderlist users. 


Wunderlist works through a dedicated bot, which sends customized notifications for:

  • Updated to-do lists
  • Tasks marked complete or incomplete
  • Deleted tasks
  • To-do comments added
  • Subtasks created, updated, or deleted

Status Hero

Intended to be a set-it and forget-it tool for tracking your daily goals and projects, Status Hero is a bot that takes care of things like check-ins and status reports on your behalf. You can even use it to check who on your team is making the most of Cisco Webex, by analyzing participation and goal completion metrics.

Everything on Status Hero is customizable, including the active team members you want to track, notification times, observer accounts, check-in questions, and more. Status Hero even lets you keep track of when your people are on vacation. 

Status Hero

Features include:

  • Vacation day tracking
  • Check-in questions
  • Group participation reports
  • Status reports
  • Goal completion metrics
  • Notifications

Enhance customer experience by adding apps to Webex


Even in today’s digital world, signatures are a big deal in the sales process.

Getting a signature through DocuSign can save you a lot of time scanning printed documents. What’s more, digital signatures are better for the environment too!


As one of the most simple Webex integrations, DocuSign allows teams to easily manage contracts together through their Cisco chat tool, then set up notifications for when documents are signed or declined. 

Some of the customizable notifications available include:

  • Delivered or sent envelopes
  • Envelope signed
  • Envelope declined or voided

You can also ask DocuSign to tell you when an authentication effort has failed due to a problem with a signature. 


If your sales teams spend a lot of time collaborating over contracts in Cisco Webex, then Altocloud could help them to get more out of their conversations. 

This unique customer relations bot collects information about the customer journey to define your most valuable digital customers and share notifications with your employees. You can embed AltoCloud into various components of your sales workflow to collect customer analytics, then help your reps to deliver more contextual experiences to clients. Features include:

  • Customer journey analytics
  • Digital messaging – message customers through Cisco Webex
  • Real-time video 
  • Jabber integrations


The Zendesk bot for Cisco Webex is intended to help companies address complex customer issues, and work together on support tickets within their enterprise chat app. 

A bot that makes the help desk more intuitive, Zendesk’s bot will notify Webex users whenever the status of ticket changes and allow them to click a button to hop straight into a call with their team where they can solve complex problems. 


You need a Zendesk administrator account to use Zendesk’s bot in your workflow, but some of the notifications available include:

  • Ticket opened
  • Ticket created
  • A ticket is pending
  • Ticket solved
  • Ticket closed

With the Zendesk bot, you can make sure that you don’t forget about crucial customer service issues. 

Envoy Visitor Registration

Envoy Visitor Registration is a tool for Cisco Webex that is intended to make visitor and hosted experiences more seamless. Created to support the flexible workspace, Envoy removes the need for paper sign-in, by allowing guests to sign into a workplace through an iPad, smartphone, or laptop connected to Cisco Webex. 

Envoy Webex Teams integrations

The Envoy visitor registration system:

  • Automates badge printing for visitors
  • Sends notifications to visitors from hosts
  • Provides access to legal agreements for more secure visits

This tool is excellent for companies in the customer service space or businesses that invite clients to their offline environment for tours of the premises. 


ServiceNow provides a Cisco Webex bot that brings extra intelligence to your incident resolution strategies. With the ServiceNow bot for Webex, you can provide your employees with instant alerts whenever tasks are updated, problems are resolved, or incidents are created. 

Through ServiceNow, it’s easier to ensure that everyone in your workforce remains on the same track when tackling crucial business and customer issues. When a new problem arises, just click on the notification to start chats or video conversations with your team seamlessly.

Features include:

  • Ticket tracking
  • Ticket and incident notifications
  • Instant conversation escalation

You need a ServiceNow administrator account to establish ServiceNow as part of your Cisco Webex workflow.


Today’s marketing and sales teams don’t have time to jump between apps when they need information about your target customers.

The Marketo bot for Cisco Webex provides efficient, easy-to-access insights for your digital marketing team, within Webex. 

If you already have a Marketo administrator account, then you can connect the Marketo bot to your Cisco Webex spaces. From inside the admin hub, you’ll be able to send and receive customizable notifications whenever leads are changed or created. 

Features include:

  • Lead creation tracking
  • Success monitoring and measuring
  • Notifications when leads are updated or changed

Survey Monkey

The best way to know what your customers want is to speak to them. 

Survey Monkey is a tool that supports this by allowing companies to send comprehensive surveys to their target audience.

The survey responses you collect can influence your marketing efforts, sales strategies, and even your buyer personas. The Survey Monkey bot for Cisco Webex provides notifications directly within your Webex Spaces whenever new responses or information from your surveys rolls in.

With a SurveyMonkey administrator account, you can create a workflow that sends notifications like:

  • Survey generated
  • Collector Added
  • Response received

Enhance file storage & data management


Dropbox is the go-to solution for file storage and for a ton of digital groups. With Webex integrations likes these, you can stay up-to-date with all the latest changes in your Dropbox folders and files. 

Dropbox for Cisco Webex gives you an easy and secure way to share information with your teams so that you can equip employees with the information they need to work together. 


Connecting the Dropbox box to your Cisco Webex Spaces also means that you can set up custom notifications for:

  • File received
  • A file has been updated
  • File Deleted


Make sure that your teams have access to all the information that they need with OneDrive for Cisco Webex. This simple integration makes file and folder management easier in your digital workspace. You can share and collaborate on files within your Cisco Webex spaces. 

Additionally, with the OneDrive bot for Webex, administrators can ensure that the right people are always informed when photos, documents, and videos are updated. This means that people can work more efficiently together. 

You’ll need a OneDrive business account to get started, and you can set up custom notifications like:

  • Folder or file created
  • Folder or file deleted
  • Copied file or folder
  • Updated file or folder


This is a Webex integration that does what it says on the tin.

The app works by fusing your cloud-based storage solutions into the same environment. Wherever your users store their content, from GDrive to Dropbox, OneDrive, and SharePoint, they’ll be able to access files through CloudFuze.

CloudFuze offers a quick and easy way to upgrade your collaboration strategy.

With a simple search function, your users will never have to leave Cisco Webex when they’re looking for the information they need for a crucial task. Features include:

  • Excellent admin capabilities
  • Access to all the file-sharing capabilities of Cisco Webex
  • Integrations with more than 40 cloud storage options

Webex bots and assistants is a Webex integration that gives people between one and three hours of productivity back into their day.

With Zoom.AI, you can stop wasting time on repetitive tasks like meeting scheduling and searching for files. Instead, everything you need can be delivered to you by your virtual assistant. Webex Teams integrations can chat with you in natural language – making the process feel as simple as working with a human assistant. Additionally, because the AI lives in Webex, there’s no reason to jump between apps. Features include:

  • Morning briefings and snapshots
  • Simple search functions
  • Schedule, update and cancel meetings
  • Set up and receive chat reminders
  • Calendar management
  • Automatic meeting briefings


Todoist is a handy productivity bot designed to keep your to-do lists on track within Webex.

If you struggle to keep on top of your notifications, or you want to make sure that your employees don’t lose track of their deadlines, Todoist can help. Connecting the bot is as simple as typing @ on your Webex Space and selecting the Todoist option. 

Once you’ve established Todoist within your space, you’ll be able to build custom notifications for:

  • Project creations
  • Task assignments and creation
  • Task completion or deletion

Now Assistant

Now Assistant is a digital assistant for the modern workforce. 

Powered by artificial intelligence, the tool helps to connect your employees with crucial information in your business data center. For instance, your team members could use Now Assistant to find information about your latest leads or see what’s happening with your revenue growth. 

The Now Assistant for Cisco Webex is a bot that allows Webex users to get information from their assistant while they’re collaborating with their colleagues. The assistant can deliver real-time notifications and respond to speech with natural language understanding. 

Now Assistant Webex Teams integrations

Features include:

  • AI digital assistant
  • Natural language understanding
  • Real-time notifications


Here is a Webex AI intended to improve the experiences of employees using enterprise chat tools.

Gideon for Spark

As an automated Teams moderator, Gideon handles tasks like:

  • Managing user blacklists
  • Deleting inappropriate messages
  • Managing user whitelists
  • Creating and moderating rules for Cisco Webex spaces
  • Deleting messages that contain potentially dangerous files

With Gideon, team leaders can improve the compliance and security of their Cisco Webex Spaces. Gideon even sends automatic direct messages to people in your group the violate the filter settings you set up. 


Another tool designed specifically for the developer community in Webex, Dialogflow is a full developer platform that supports the creation of conversational experiences. 

Developers in Cisco Webex can use Dialogflow, formerly API.AI, to design products and services that understand and process natural language seamlessly. For instance, you might create a bot that your customers can speak to using voice, rather than written text. 

When your product launches, Dialogflow embeds it with machine learning, so it can continuously update and improve based on real-time interactions. 

Dialogflow example

Dialogflow offers:

  • Development monitoring via Webex
  • One-click integration with Cisco Webex
  • Natural language understanding APIs


Zenbot is an AI solution for companies who want to unlock the power of native language processing for their Spark chatbot. If you’re building a chatbot into your website and you want people to be able to speak to that bot, then you can integrate Zenbot. 

This means that you don’t have to code anything or teach a machine learning algorithm on your own. Zenbot comes with NLP tools built in and bot hosting on a single service. 

You can use Zenbot to allow your team members on Cisco Webex to speak to their enterprise chat tool when they need help scheduling a meeting or finding a file. 

Features include:

  • Complete chatbot framework
  • Bot hosting and APIs
  • JavaScript code integration
  • Natural language understanding


Albert is a Webex bot that makes it easier to find answers about how to use Webex. It’s a little bit like the Slackbot in that way. 

Albert for Webex Teams

Particularly useful for people who are migrating into Webe for the first time, or groups need help getting used to their new collaboration tool. Albert responds to simple how-to questions like:

  • How can I create a new space?
  • How can I download a recording of my meeting?
  • Who’s online right now?

You can start a chat with Albert just like you would send a direct message to anyone else in your team.

More Webex apps that need a mention

Army Knife

As you may have guessed by the name, the Army Knife tool for Cisco Webex is a service that makes various aspects of Webex simpler.

For instance, you can use the /track command to check messages from your boss without showing him or her a “read” notification. You can also track vacations, pin messages for later, and set up reminders. 

Army Knife for Webex Teams

Some of the various features of Army Knife include:

  • Auto-reply commands for when you’re on vacation
  • Notifications and personal reminders
  • Box folders for your team
  • Direct message the app for support and feedback
  • Pin messages for use later


Just because you’re at work, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

A great way to improve the relationships between the people in your team is to let them express themselves. Gifbot is one of a few Webex integrations that use the popular Giphy platform so that individuals in your Spaces can send gifs to their coworkers. 

Gifbot for Webex Teams

All you need to do is mention the Gifbot with the @ symbol, then pass it a search query to get back a random gif from the Giphy archives. All of the Gifs available are work appropriate, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally sending something that’s not PG-13.


A Webex integration specifically for event creators – Eventbrite gives you helpful updates about the changes in your event schedule. This simple bot makes managing events easier for teams who rely on Cisco Webex to stay connected. 


Some of the custom notifications you can set up include:

  • Event published
  • Event changed
  • Order placed or updated
  • Order refunded


qChat is an integration by QWASI which allows customers to use their mobile devices to communicate with companies without downloading a specialized app. 

Ideal for the omnichannel communication marketplace, QChat provides customers with localized offers, real-time support, and personalized rewards. Through the Webex integration for QChat, brands can listen, collaborate, and respond to requests seamlessly. 

qChat Webex Teams integration

According to the app developers, all of the data managed via QChat is GDPR and CTIA compliant. Additionally, the solution integrates with things like Meraki and DNA spaces from Cisco too. 

Features include:

  • Options to optimize customer support and access contextual conversations
  • Easy mobile marketing and sales conversations
  • Personalized mobile messages
  • Search through customer details for conversational transparency
  • Notifications and alerts when messages are sent


Rollbar is a real-time error monitoring software solution. Designed to work seamlessly with Cisco Webex, Rollbar helps developers to find and fix mistakes in their projects, so that they can deploy software faster.

Through Rollbar, teams in developer and engineering groups can ensure the rapid and reliable delivery of software, accelerating time-to-market, and making businesses more agile. 

Rollbar Webex Teams integration

The integration requires an admin account with Rollbar. Once you’re set up, you can get notifications and insights sent straight to your Cisco Webex spaces through the Rollbar tool.

That should be enough Webex integrations for one day. If you haven’t had enough, or have your favorite integration that didn’t make the list, please reach out in the comments and we’ll look it up!

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