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How to connect Slack and Microsoft Teams channels

Insights Uncategorized December 6, 2018
Microsoft Teams Slack Channels


How to connect Slack and Microsoft Teams channels

Microsoft Teams Slack Channels

Use Slack and Microsoft Teams in your workspace? Still suffering from silos? You’re not alone.

As collaboration and chat tools continue to enable the modern office, enterprises are usually left with two choices:

  1.       Force everyone onto the same platform, resulting in productivity loss and unhappy employees
  2.       Risk losing information and operate a disconnected workforce as users cling to their favorite chat tool.

What if there was a third option? Enter Mio.

Mio for Slack and Microsoft Teams

Mio is the ultimate partner in your collaboration strategy.

With Mio’s synced channels, you can upload files, track messages, @mention employees and interact with your teams every day. This happens whether you’re using Slack or Teams, and you don’t even have to leave you preferred app.

Connecting Microsoft Teams and Slack with Mio

Mio is a smart digital tool that connects your separate teams and channels into a single environment for constant communication.

With Mio, everyone in your business has the freedom to use the enterprise chat tool of their choice, and you don’t have to worry about lost data or productivity.

It all starts with setting up your Mio Hub.

Step 1: contact us

Visit the Mio website and click on the pink “Get Started” button in the top right-hand corner.

Microsoft Teams Slack Channels
Get Started

Our team will respond to set up your collaboration hub. The Mio Hub is where you can link your Microsoft Teams and Slack channels seamlessly.

Step 2: Set up your Mio Hub

Head back to http://m.io and click on “Create Hub.”

This is where you enter information about your company.

Mio Hub Setup
Mio Hub Setup

First, enter the Service Accounts that you want to add to your Mio Hub. In this case, that will be your Slack and Teams channels.

Service Accounts
Service Accounts

Next, enter your organization details, including the name of your company, your unique Mio subdomain and your primary contact email addresses.

Organization details
Organization details

Step 3: Complete Your Channel Sync!

With your business information filled out, you’re ready to turn on Mio channel sync.

The Channel Sync service from Mio allows your Slack channels to appear as channels on Microsoft Teams, and vice versa.

Channel Sync
Channel Sync

With Channel Sync turned on, your users will be able to:

  •         View Microsoft Teams file uploads on Slack (and vice versa)
  •         Send emoji reactions and @Mentions
  •         Edit and delete messages in Slack to affect how they show on Microsoft Teams (and vice versa)
  •         Search for Slack messages in your Microsoft Teams channel directory (and vice versa)
  •         Engage in threaded messages
  •         Maintain a consistent group conversation in any channel

Connect your Slack and Microsoft Teams channels today

Consistent communication is a crucial part of any successful business strategy.

If you want to take advantage of the latest enterprise chat tools, there’s finally a solution to eliminate the workplace silos and shadow messaging problems that run rampant in the modern workplace.

Mio syncs your team members’ favorite chat platforms so that information can flow in your business.

Find out more about connecting your teams and channels today with our demonstration video!

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