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Conversational Apps in the Workplace: The Next 10 Years

Insights Integrations March 17, 2017


Conversational Apps in the Workplace: The Next 10 Years

Tom Hadfield, CEO of Message.io, was first up at Botness Enterprise during SXSW. He’s got some thoughts not only on how the day at Botness would go, but why everyone gathered together in the first place.

Conversational interfaces, both messaging and voice, will change the world around us — much like graphics in the 80s, web in the 90s, mobile in the 2000s.

The workplace is already turning “conversational” — entrepreneurs run their entire businesses in Slack. Messaging is the connective tissue between disparate teams, users, and data sources.

2017 is enterprise messaging coming of age — we’re really seeing the evolution of this space. We’re at the start of the new era of UX.

Every single category of enterprise software will eventually be transformed.

We covered the bot ecosystem at SXSW 2017 — catch up on our posts here, or follow us on Twitter for more Botness Enterprise goodness!

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