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You Can Now Send Direct Messages Between Slack and Microsoft Teams

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You Can Now Send Direct Messages Between Slack and Microsoft Teams

Direct messages slack microsoft teams

With Mio’s direct messaging feature, you can now send direct messages between Slack and Microsoft Teams. 

Mio has been working on messaging interoperability for several years now. We believe cross-platform direct messaging has the potential to fundamentally change how companies collaborate with each other.

The state of business messaging in 2021

It wasn’t too long ago that AT&T users could only send SMS text messages to other AT&T users and Verizon users could only send SMS text messages to Verizon users. 

Back in the late ’90s, American Idol used to display one phone number for AT&T users and a separate phone number for Verizon users. 

One day, it will be equally bizarre that Slack users could only send direct messages to other Slack users, and Microsoft Teams users could only chat with other Microsoft Teams users. 

The good news is that the API-zation of the world is bringing down the walls of workplace silos.

By stitching together the Microsoft and Slack APIs, third-party vendors like Mio can allow for seamless interoperability between the two team collaboration apps.

How Mio enables direct messaging between Slack and Microsoft Teams

Think of Slack as the “local area network”. 

Slack will always deliver messages between Slack users. Similarly, Microsoft will deliver messages between Teams users across its own LAN. 

In this analogy, Mio is akin to the “wide area network” for workplace communication.

For the past several months, large enterprise customers like Under Armour, Keurig, and AMC Theatres have been using Mio for cross-platform messaging.

Mio is extending our cross-platform messaging solution to include direct messaging as well. 

You can now use Mio to chat 1:1 with your colleagues even if they aren’t using the same messaging app as you.

This is one more step towards our vision for a unified workplace communication network. 

We believe everyone should be able to easily communicate with their work colleagues, regardless of which app they happen to be using. 

Direct messaging between Slack and Microsoft Teams is now available.

Please visit to get started.

Get started sending direct messages from Microsoft Teams to Slack

Starting a new DM

As a Microsoft Teams user, your admin has already synced your account with your company’s Slack workspace.

To chat with colleagues who use a different platform, search for their name in the Microsoft Teams search bar to open the chat.

Direct message from Microsoft Teams to Slack

Send your first message to begin the conversation.

Sending and receiving cross-platform messages

Cross-platform messages between Slack and Microsoft Teams

When you send a message to a colleague who uses Slack, they will receive your message on their own platform.

You will receive messages sent from colleagues who use Slack in your Microsoft Teams tenant.

Mio allows you to send direct messages to your colleagues who don’t use Microsoft Teams without the need for anyone to switch platforms.

  • At the top of your Microsoft Teams, use the search bar to find a colleague you want to message.

NOTE: Some features that work in synced channels may not be supported in DMs.

What should I expect to see as a Microsoft Teams user?

Your experience with cross-platform messaging should feel completely native, meaning every colleague you chat with will look and seem like they are also a Microsoft Teams user, even if they’re on Slack.

In the below example, Susie is sending a message from Slack, but it looks like she’s on Microsoft Teams.

Send messages between Slack and Microsoft Teams

If my colleagues are on Slack, why do they look like Microsoft Team users?

Great question. Your Slack or Webex colleagues are also licensed on Microsoft Teams. Mio syncs their Slack account with their licensed Microsoft Teams account.

Conversely, your colleagues receive your messages as if you were a Slack user.

To learn more about sending direct messages between Slack and Microsoft Teams, visit our website.