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10 Reasons to Download Webex Teams When You’re Already Using Slack

Blog May 31, 2019
10 reasons to download Cisco Webex Teams
Dominic Kent


10 Reasons to Download Webex Teams When You’re Already Using Slack

10 reasons to download Cisco Webex Teams

If you’re already using Slack, why would you want to download Webex Teams?

There are more reasons than you might think.

Slack might be one of the best-known collaboration tools on the market today, but it’s far from being your only option.

If you have teams that are used to the Cisco UI, use Cisco hardware every day, or maybe don’t like the Slack experience, then it might be a good idea to add Webex Teams to your toolkit.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you might download Webex Teams, even if you already have Slack installed.

1 – Download Webex Teams and try an awesome AI assistant

Cisco Webex Assistant is the smart assistant that your team members have always wanted. Available for all users with compatible Webex devices, this solution makes life more convenient. Webex Assistant allows you to join video conferencing meetings with nothing put your voice and enjoy hands-free control over your collaboration tools.

You can manage your meetings from anywhere in a room, make calls without touching a button, and even share your screen with a voice command.

It’s the easiest way for everyday employees to experience a more intuitive meeting and teamwork session, without lifting a finger.

Just say “Ok Webex” to get started.

Webex Assistant

2 – Finally enjoy the meeting experience

Equal access to host and manage meetings enables all Webex users and meeting participants to get along.

  • Anyone can start meetings and whiteboards, share screens, mute others, and record
  • Participant lists show who has joined – even if you haven’t – so you know if someone else has it covered
  • Easy startup – simply connect the Webex Teams app to a Webex device for wireless controls and screen sharing
  • Join meetings with the touch of a button.
  • Schedule like a pro – people, subject, and meeting details are automatically included
Cisco Webex
Cisco Webex

3 – Discover more with People Insights

Talking about AI is exciting. But, you know what is more exciting?

Using AI!

Intelligent tools not only make the workplace more convenient; they also make your collaborative moments more contextual too.

People Insights in Cisco Webex Teams gives users an overview of the people they’re connecting with before they start a conference or video call. Participant work history data, education, and latest blog posts are all delivered straight to your Teams channel.

When you know all about your correspondent’s latest blog, it’s easier to break the ice in a tense call. People Insights also helps with building stronger relationships between team members, and encouraging more valuable, relevant conversations.

People Insights

4 – Enjoy swift meeting setup when you download Webex Teams

Along with People Insights, Cisco also recently added a new feature called Proactive Join to the Webex portfolio.

When you download Webex Teams, you’ll be able to use the AI assistant to join a meeting in seconds. It automatically asks people if they want to join a conference when they walk into meeting rooms, using Cisco’s proximity monitoring technology.

Cisco has already seen incredible responses to its Proactive Join feature since the new capability was introduced this year. It helps users to start their meetings on time and get back to work as quickly as possible after a conference.

Proactive Join
Proactive Join

5 – Download Webex Teams and bring facial recognition to your meetings

Speaking of making meetings more intuitive and intelligent with Cisco Webex Teams, did you know that Webex now comes with facial recognition?

Whenever you’re using a Webex app, you can identify all of the individuals in a room using a Webex-enabled camera. The feature was built with data privacy in mind, to protect you from compliance issues too. So, there’s no security issues to worry about.

Launched at Enterprise Connect, facial recognition starts by tracking down a profile picture that users submit via their Webex settings page. The image gets an identifying number which the AI assistant can then match to real-life users when they enter a meeting room. You’ll never struggle with remembering who was in your last meeting again.

Facial recognition

6 – Make communication easier with First Match

Another way Webex Teams makes collaboration easier and more productive is with their new First Match feature. Part of the Webex Assistant AI offering, First Match comes from Cisco’s acquisition of MindMeld, who specialized in messaging bots, in 2017.

Download Webex Teams if the Mindmeld functionality is up your street

When a user asks the Assistant to “Call John,” First Match determines which “John” they’re referring to by finding out who they generally communicate with most on Teams and Meetings. If the Assistant doesn’t get it right first time, it will offer alternative options too.

When Cisco was first testing First Match, it offered users 3 possible matches to their request. However, the top choice was right so often that users said they’d prefer to just get the first match.

7 – Enjoy interoperable collaboration between Webex, Microsoft, Google & Slack

One of the main reasons that you might want to download Webex Teams alongside Slack is that you’re already using Cisco tools and hardware. However, that doesn’t mean that you only want to use Cisco solutions. The chances are you’ll have other productivity apps and resources that your teams rely on too.

Fortunately, the Cisco team revealed that this year, they’d be working on increasing end-user choices by making sure that Teams works with tools like Google G-Suite and Microsoft Office 365.

Cisco Webex Meetings in Microsoft Teams

Integrations with productivity tools and CRMs like Salesforce will make it easier for employees to find everything they need to work productively in a single pane of glass.

If Webex Meetings with Google and/or Microsoft isn’t enough, Mio is the interoperability tool that will keep your teams in sync.

For full messaging interoperability between Cisco Webex Teams and Slack, Mio is the bridge that combines the two platforms together.

You can link all of your conversations on Slack, with your discussions on Cisco Webex Teams.

The end result?

A truly unified communication and collaboration strategy.

Mio works in the background of your existing messaging platforms, aligning conversations for a seamless end-to-end experience. There is no need to download additional apps as the user experience remains exactly the same as it is today.

If someone wants to message a Slack user from Cisco, Mio makes that happen.

Your users will also be able to send files, set up calls, and comment in public spaces or Slack channels – as if it was all one platform.

Check out the native experience below.

Connect Slack and Cisco Webex Teams

8 – Integrate software and hardware

When employees are busy in the office, they might start collaborating on their smartphones, then switch to a meeting or whiteboard when they enter a meeting room.

Moving between software and hardware is incredibly easy with Cisco because the brand walks in both worlds.

For instance, it’s easy to set calls up over Cisco Webex Teams with your Cisco phone or set up a brainstorming session with the Cisco Webex whiteboard.

When using your Teams app, you can walk into any room where a Webex Board is available, and the device will automatically connect.

Cisco’s Webex Assistant can even greet you by name and pull up any projects you might have been working on.

Download Webex Teams to make the most of the Cisco Webex Teams board
Cisco Webex Teams board

9 – Experiment with mixed reality

Cisco Webex Teams makes it easy for employees to collaborate and communicate through file sharing, HD video conferencing, and audio meetings.

However, Cisco is also one of the major developers working on innovations in the mixed-reality environment too.

For a while now, Cisco has been exploring the possibilities of AR and VR in the workplace. I

n the years to come, businesses that download Webex Teams might be able to host virtual meetings in their own unique augmented environment. Below is an example of what could be possible in Webex in the future.

Mixed reality

It pays to invest in collaboration tools from a company on the cutting edge of tech.

10 – Ensure state of the art security

Cisco Webex Teams offers almost unbeatable protection for businesses who need peace of mind.

When it comes to compliance and privacy, Cisco features data encryption services, advanced network security protocols, and password protection.

When you’re using Mio to sync your Slack and Cisco Webex Teams experience, you can also rest assured that you’ll get the best possible security from Mio too, utilizing the security available in both platforms.

That means that you can create an enterprise-ready, secure messaging, and collaboration environment for everyone in your organization.

Cisco Webex Cloud architecture
Cisco Webex Cloud architecture

And that completes the 10!

Whilst these are probably the coolest features headling Cisco’s collaboration portfolio, there’s much more to take advantage of…even if you’re currently using Slack.

Once you’re setup with Webex Teams and Slack, visit the Mio site to make the apps interoperable!

Get Started for Slack and Cisco Webex Teams
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