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Dribbble: Bots of Microsoft Teams

Integrations May 22, 2017


Dribbble: Bots of Microsoft Teams

Dribbble, the site for creatives, now has an app for Microsoft Teams that will let you easily pull random shots into your Teams conversations.

You can pull a shot by hex code or word. For example, check out the happy sloth the Dribbble bot returned when I looked up #f00000:

Dribbble Bot Microsoft Teams

To save space in your chats, it shows only a preview of the shot it selected for you, but you can easily expand it to view the full image:

Microsoft Teams Dribbble Bot

You can then either click on the artist’s name to see their entire portfolio, or click on the title to view the image on their Dribbble page:

Dribbble bot

There are a ton of use cases for having the Dribbble bot help out your chats. You can search for relevant terms in conversations about, for example, UX design. Or, you can search with hex codes to find a specific color you’re searching for.

Of course, we had to see what kind of bot designs had been shared.


Ready to get started? You can add Dribbble to your Microsoft Teams right here.

Add Emojify bot to Microsoft Teams

Coming soon — more of the Microsoft Team bots! Is there a bot you’d like to see on Teams? Let us know on Twitter! 🤖

(Want to reach more users and expand your bot to more platforms? We’re in beta! Visit our sign-up.)

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