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Emojify, Your Personal Emoji Translator: Bots of Microsoft Teams

Integrations May 18, 2017


Emojify, Your Personal Emoji Translator: Bots of Microsoft Teams

If you’re anything like me, you throw in a few emojis when you’re texting your partner, your kids, your friends.

I could probably even tell you which of my friends is texting me solely based on their unique use of emojis. They’ve become pretty intertwined with our personalities and how we communicate online.

Emojis are even the subject of peer-reviewed research: see here, here, and here, as just a few examples. There’s a movie being made about emojis (really), and The Globe and Mail dug into how our online identities intersect with who we really are with the emotional work of emojis.

It’s pretty obvious — emojis are having a moment.

So obviously, Microsoft Teams needed an emoji translation bot. Say hi to Emojify. 👋

Emojify does exactly what it says it’ll do — it translates your text into emojis. It’s pretty simple to use, both in chatting with the bot directly or using it in a team message.

It’s probably cleanest to talk to the Emojify bot directly, then copy and paste the output into a message. But that’s a personal preference — and either way, the Emojify bot is clearly there to make sure you can keep your online persona consistent across platforms.

Ready to get started? You can add Emojify to your Microsoft Teams right here.

Add Emojify bot to Microsoft Teams

Coming soon — more of the Microsoft Team bots! Is there a bot you’d like to see on Teams? Let us know on Twitter! 🤖

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