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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #10

Industry News October 13, 2017
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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #10

It’s October 🍁, ATX is getting cooler 🌡 and the enterprise messaging news is still flowing in. Here’s what you need to know in news this week:

Cortana within Skype

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Some may recall an announcement made at the Microsoft Build conference early last year, where a video demo showed a vision to get things done through automation, voice, and messaging within Skype.

If you missed it, check out the video:


A year and a half later, Microsoft is beginning to roll out Cortana across private and group chats — to better assist users in their conversations across Skype. This integration was announced last year. Microsoft is now focusing on platform improvements to Skype and Teams so it seems like the right time to roll out this integration.

Cortana now aims to live within conversations, posting an actionable suggestion when it sees an opportunity to quickly deliver.

Read the full release:


Box ⨉ Workplace by Facebook

Exactly a year ago, Box announced an ongoing support of new features and integrations coming to teams using Workplace by Facebook. While this week’s latest feature announcement isn’t a partnership announcement, Box released a second major update for the year which fully integrates Box files and folders within the Workplace admin panel and across all members of an organization.

Select & View Files on Box within Workplace

As more enterprise platforms fight for the top spot, Workplace by Facebook continues to beef up their platform with integrations and features to better help large companies. We’ve noted before that platforms are all about “launching conversations about projects and making quicker decisions,” so access to relevant files is an important aspect.

Check out the full list of features, including how to toggle sensitive data:


Another Enterprise Chat Tool is ready

💬 🥊

Symphony Communications has recently taken new steps to take on Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Spark. Symphony may be new to some, but they are not new to the collaboration space. Funded in 2014, they have raised over $200M. Symphony has developed strengths surrounding their security after working primarily within the banking industry.

According to a survey by Nemertes Research, Symphony will have plenty of ground to make up if they’re targeting services like Slack or Teams.

Check out their latest features:

  • Ability to distribute a custom instance of the Symphony collaboration software to establish a private channel with customers and partners.
  • A module for embedding the service into websites and third-party applications. This capability could be used to provide real-time customer service.

See how Symphony stacks up against other collaboration apps:


Microsoft Ventures unveils the Innovate AI Competition

🏅+💰 ➡️ 🤖

What is it? Innovate AI promises to be a global competition for startups that are leveraging the power of A.I. & machine learning to solve problems and improve people’s lives.

What is the goal? To provide startups with access to capital in order to expand development of their ideas.

Winners? 3 winning startups will be splitting a $1M investment (alongside other licenses/credits of Azure & Office 365)— from a combination of Microsoft Ventures, Madrona Venture Group, Notion Capital, and Vertex Ventures Israel (with a total prize pool valued at $5.5M.)

Read more info:


Direct link to apply:


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