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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #12

Industry News November 3, 2017
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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #12

Oh hey, it’s November! 🦃

Here’s what you need to know in enterprise chat news this week:

Botkit for all 🤖

The Bot Capital of the World is at it again!

This time our good friends from Botkit have dropped a giant update to Botkit Studio — a bot building platform. Ben Brown made a major announcement followed by a laundry list of new tools that are available to devs using Botkit to build bots of any scale.

Signing up for Botkit Studio now comes with new tools to help developers from the building process to analytical tools once a bot is live.

Some of the new dashboard features 📈

Botkit Studio now comes with:

  • a multi-platform conversational content management system
  • new analytics tools & custom dashboards
  • user segmenting
  • conversation path analysis
  • retention reports
  • a deep integration with Glitch!

Check out the full announcement:


Google Drops Hardware to sync with Hangouts Meet 👥 📹

Google just unveiled their own vision for what workplace enterprise messaging looks like by transforming Google Hangouts into Hangouts Meet. When it was announced earlier in the year, the plan was to split Google Hangouts into a combo tool that provided a Slack-like chat experience for workplace teams and a video conferencing solution.

To offer a complete video conferencing solution, Google unveiled a hardware kit this week. Seems like they’re taking a page out of the book from Cisco and their hardware solutions for Spark.

Check out the kit features:


Cisco launches Cisco Spark Assistant


It was just two weeks ago when we heard Cortana would be coming to Skype, and now Cisco has announced a similar AI experience to their enterprise chat platform, Cisco Spark.

The Cisco Spark Assistant is the first enterprise-ready voice assistant that will be available within meetings to do things like assign action items or create meeting summaries. They’ll also be leveraging things like speech recognition, natural language understanding, dialog management and more.

Here’s what the Spark Assistant will be able to do in phase one, set to go live early next year:

Start a meeting with your voice:
“Hey, Spark. I want to start the meeting.”

Effortlessly join meeting rooms:
“Hey, Spark. Call my meeting room.”
“Hey, Spark. Call Trevor’s meeting room.”

Start a call:
“Hey, Spark. Call Meredith.”

Control your Cisco Spark endpoint without getting out of your chair:
“Hey, Spark. End the meeting.”

Check out the official announcement:


ICYMI: Slack dressed up as a Server Error Page for Halloween 🎃


Here’s a fun one — unless you were on the West Coast, you might’ve missed Slack’s Halloween outage. It was two terrible hours that Slack suffered an outage and a lot of tech teams found themselves having to resort to face-to-face interactions. 🙃

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