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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #2

Industry News August 11, 2017
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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #2

Happy Friday everyone! As usual, there’s been a lot of news in the bot space this week, for both developers and enterprises. Let’s dive in!

Here’s our weekly round up of articles and stories we’ve been following recently:

New admin controls for apps in Teams

Over the past few months, Teams has been building a rich platform and implementing changes like their update separating Bots, Tabs, and Connectors. Last week they announced more control for admins over what content is accessed by third party apps — offering control over what you can enable or block from your teams information, as well as sideloading external apps.

Read more about the new additions and how this can effect teams users >

Scaling up: New tools for administering Slack

Slack has offered new tools at the enterprise level!

As larger companies adopt one of the many enterprise chat platforms available, tools to better customize their experience can prove to be beneficial. With their latest update, Slack is offering Enterprise Mobility Management support, directory synced profiles, and customized default status options to larger teams.

Read more about what these tools have to offer >

Chatbots Are the Future of Meeting and Event Communication and Networking

via Skift.com

The increased acceptance and use of chatbots and AI is changing the way event and meeting professionals connect with attendees and making events more efficient for the planners and the attendees.

— Sheryll Poe

IMEX Frankfurt 2017 took place earlier this year — while attendees can expect much of the same out of this annual meetings and events industry gathering, this past event offered an experimental chatbot named Frank, developed by the team over at Sciens.io. With the implementation of Frank, IMEX relied on a chatbot to facilitate questions by attendees and anything else relating to event information.

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What makes a great chatbot? Laser focus on customers

Via CIO.com

Corporate adoption of cognitive systems and AI will drive worldwide revenues from nearly $8 billion in 2016 to more than $47 billion in 2020, according to IDC.

Enterprise investments are happening in the chatbot space but Clint Boulton from CIO.com offers some insight into the chat-building process as well as pitfalls to avoid so that the results are not a major disservice to businesses and users.

Check out the list of ways to improve chatbot engagement with your customers >

ICYMI: 🤖 📢 🎉

A mega Message.io product update!

We recently posted a giant list of updates and features now available on Message.io! With the beta gate lowered, you can now sign up and check out the enterprise chat platforms that we support, what our improved dashboard has to offer, and all of our supporting documentation! 🙌

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