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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #3

Industry News August 26, 2017
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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #3

👀 There’s been several recent announcements from the enterprise messaging platforms themselves this week that you won’t want to miss, and even a new player to the scene!

Here’s our weekly round-up:

Cisco Spark Makes Four Major Breakthroughs in Security, Compliance, and Analytics

Looks like IT folks are going to dig Cisco Spark’s latest improvements.

On top of Cisco’s mission to improve collaboration, they announced a huge update for improvements to their enterprise chat platform, Cisco Spark.

With their latest update, Cisco Spark is looking to push for a product that both users and IT departments can not only interact with, but rely on. On the user side, they’re tackling things like productivity and efficiency. For IT departments, they’re focusing on features like content protection, compliance and retention.

Check out Cisco Spark’s suite of new features:

  • End-to-end message encryption plus enterprise-level compliance features: Cisco Spark is becoming the first enterprise messaging platform to offer both end-to-end encryption and compliance features for legal and prevention reasons.
  • Data security equivalent to on-premises storage: Their also enabling customers to run an on-premises key server to encrypt and decrypt all content sent through the platform.
  • Fluid analytics that simplify insights: Fluid Analytics will allow new data to be monitored so administrators can pinpoint what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Mobile device security on non-managed devices: Cisco Spark is baking in device and application management features for those enterprise companies that have bring-your-own device programs.

Full release details can be read here.

Facebook’s plan to convince businesses Workplace beats Slack and Microsoft Teams

Workplace aims to show how easily employees take to their new platform, and reveals more plans for bot developers.

When it comes to chat platforms, Workplace by Facebook is still pretty young and continuously looking to prove itself. While some may point out that there are plenty of platforms in this space, Workplace is looking to prove itself as a collaboration platform that leverages familiarity of other Facebook products. In doing this, Workplace will begin to invite more third-party developers to create bots for Workplace and Work Chat.

“We want to be the new ecosystem of developers, just like we’ve done for Facebook Canvas, like we’ve done with Messenger and Facebook login. And I think Workplace and Work Chat in particular, with the platform we launched at F8, is the next one.”

The article goes on to include how bots on Workplace and Work Chat compare to bots on Facebook Messenger. For example, in Work Chat, bots can also proactively send an employee a message, whereas on Facebook Messenger a user must first give consent to receive messages from an automated bot. Read more about this evolving platform.


Slack drops a new tool — the holy grail of Slack API debugging 🙌

Slack has dropped yet another tool, this time a sidekick for developing tests for your app. Known as Steno, it will better serve as a tool that launches a server outside your process to oversee testing patterns. With an outside process, you’ll be able to run tests on your app without worrying about manually recreating state in actual Slack teams or manually reproducing events.

What is it?

Steno itself will help record and replay HTTP requests and responses, to and from the Slack Platform, in order to generate testing fixtures for an app.

See the workflow, documentation, and more here.


Eko is a new messaging platform coming to the US that aims to streamline and enhance employee communication.

Eko Communications, a US-Thailand based company, successfully closed a $2 million investment to strategically expand to Japan and the U.S. after finding a large success with enterprise companies in Asia. From the start, Eko is looking to provide an all inclusive experience with mobile apps, as well as productivity and employee development tools. On top of all that, an enticing selling point for smaller companies is that they’re offering this service for free.


Earlier this week, we published an article which dives deeper into the evolving enterprise messaging ecosystem and associated opportunities for companies to leverage those platforms.

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