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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #4

Industry News September 1, 2017
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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #4

It’s that time of the week where we roll up the best of what’s been happening in the Enterprise Messaging scene. Take a read!

Here’s our weekly round up of articles and stories we’ve been following recently:

Bots and AI: The current state of technical maturity

A discussion on how far tech has come

Now that bots and AI have come to light and more and more people are talking about them, the questions now begin to focus on the technology itself. This brief discussion, lead by Sam Machin from Nexmo, Syd Lawrence from the Bot Platform, and Martin Beeby from Microsoft, tackles topics of technical limitations, expectations and improvements that can be made to bots as their popularity inevitably is bound to increase over time.



Skype launches integrated code editor for remote technical job interviews

Another feature for teams to collaborate remotely

By now, we know that Microsoft is bidding heavy on enterprise chat with the different products that they offer. With this latest update to Skype, Microsoft is looking to push yet another product feature as it attempts to become a one-stop-shop in the enterprise chat space.

As of this week, Skype now comes with a code editor meant to streamline the remote interview process of technical candidates by offering a picture-in-picture between a coding tool and video chat.

Supported Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby


Amazon and Microsoft have agreed to work together

Never thought you’d read that headline — neither did we.

Both Microsoft and Amazon have issued press releases surrounding their voice assistant’s Cortana and Alexa. This is a major milestone for large corporations to allow for a cross-platform interaction!

We find that these integrations can only be beneficial for the end user, given that we all use an array of tools and services without being tied down to one company. As the number of bots that we use increases, it’ll become harder to remember different commands, which is why this partnership feels like a step in the right direction. Plus think of all the potential future use cases in the workplace with Office 365 and and Microsoft Teams. Can you tell we’re excited! 🤓

🚨 ICYMI: An inside look at Workplace by Facebook

Remember when Facebook released Workplace? The team at Message.io has been using it. Check out our thoughts after six months of use.


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