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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #5

Industry News September 8, 2017
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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #5

We read enterprise messaging news all week long, every week. Every Friday, we roll up that news into a “must reads” list.

Here’s our weekly round up of articles and stories we’ve been following recently:

Atlassian announces Stride

And just like that…Another enterprise platform has emerged!

Atlassian Summit 2017 is an annual event being held next week in San Jose, CA. Over the course of the week, Atlassian plans to host training sessions, keynotes, product announcements and more.

While they promise it to be a jam-packed week full of events, they’ve clearly made the choice to tease out a big announcement early. Their new communication tool, Stride, aims to compete and solve problems that Slack has been unable to get right. As most of you might know, this isn’t Atlassian’s first rodeo when it comes to communication tools.

The Brave New Workplace: Navigating Enterprise Chat

We recently wrote about the enterprise messaging landscape and how HipChat spawned the initial birth of modern enterprise chat. While HipChat’s simplicity was quickly overrun by Slack’s adoption, Stride replicates the core functionality of HipChat while adding a load of new features and improvements designed to improve productivity.

3 Main Problems that Stride aims to solve:

  1. Stride allows you to create a task from the main chat interface and assign it to a co-worker.
  2. Stride built its own audio and video chat.
  3. A “focus” mode: This mode allows users to block out time to get work done while Stride collects notifications to be reviewed later. When you return to Stride, you’ll get a readout of any messages, assigned tasks, and decisions made in your absence.

As of now, you can sign up for early Stride access here, as they roll out their app over the coming weeks. Also, their pricing page is up with the list of features available on their free and paid plans. We’ll be closely following!

Guru’s successful Series A 💰

From a Slack Fund investment… to one of the largest funding rounds this year!

Guru began as an extension app to tackle the difficulty of switching between knowledge portals, like wikis. They’ve successfully been able to improve their customers’ abilities to take knowledge centers and put them anywhere, with a combination of Guru’s web app, browser extension and/or Slack bot. This has resulted in a massive $9.3 million Series A funding round led by Emergence Capital, FirstMark Capital and MSD Capital. Well done!


With this funding, The founders Rick Nucci and Mitchell Stewart will now tackle a vision that merges searchable information and machine learning.

Conference Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

Two major players in the enterprise chat space are holding their events next week and you won’t want to miss an array of talks and product updates! You can find our Message.io team at both events!

Here’s a short list of the talks we’ll be keeping a close eye on 👀

Atlassian Summit 2017 // September 12–14 // San Jose, CA

Watch live: https://www.atlassian.com/company/events/summit-us/watch

September 13th

Product Keynote // 8:30–10:30am PST

Co-founder and Co-CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes will share a glimpse of where Atlassian is headed for the future.

Hit Your Stride: Designing Real Time Collaboration for Teams // 11–11:40am PST

Teamwork makes the dream work — but what if your dream is to help your team work better? In this talk, Sara Dubuque, Senior Designer, will share research into team dynamics and resulting design explorations in team communication.

Introducing Stride: Reinventing Team Communication // 4:50–5:05pm PST

Come see Stride, Atlassian’s newest team communication tool. Stride helps your team overcome roadblocks, make decisions, and decide what to do next with powerful messaging, communication, and collaboration features.

Slack Frontiers // September 12–13 // San Francisco, CA

September 12th

What’s Next for Slack (Roadmap Preview) // 11:15am PST

Head of Core Product, Paul Rosania, Head of Enterprise Product, Ilan Frank, Head of Search, Learning, & Intelligence, Noah Weiss, and Head of Platform, Buster Benson, will talk you through what we’re building and how it’ll make your work day simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

What’s Next for Slack’s API // 1:15pm PST

Sean Rose, Product Manager from Slack will provide an insider’s view of what’s next for the Slack Platform. Learn more about new opportunities coming soon for developers building on Slack, and how to best utilize them for your app.

September 13th

Securing Your App for Enterprise // 1:15pm PST

Head of Developer Relations, Amir Shevat, talks through how some of our most complex enterprise customers streamline their workflows with apps, while keeping their business data safe and secure.

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