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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #7

Industry News September 22, 2017
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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #7

Check out the news we followed this week:

Keybase.io’s Fully Encrypted Enterprise Messaging

Another week, another chat platform launches

For the last few weeks, enterprise chat platforms have come out of the woodwork, laser-focused on Slack. We’ve seen announcements for similar services like Eko and Stride — and now, Keybase.io. All of these new platforms aim to be the next “Slack killer.”

Launched earlier in the week, Keybase Teams promises to improve team communication by offering a fully encrypted, open source and free platform for teams that have up to 500 members. Besides the fact that this will continue to be an evolving product, we imagine the lack of cost and peace-of-mind encryption will convince some teams to hop on board and check out what enterprise messaging is all about.

Check out their announcement and how to get started, below:


Conversational Workspaces are now key for enterprise collaboration

Chatting at work isn’t just for tech startups anymore

As new enterprise messaging platform launches become nearly a weekly occurrence, they all have one thing in common — increasing productivity while remaining efficient. Now with a laundry list of available providers comes a time for IT leaders to make decisions that aren’t concerned about the future of work but rather the conversational workflow that is in the here and now. Check out this CIO article discussing the digital workplace and how the conversational landscape involves individuals, applications, and bots working together.


Slack confirms its latest round of financing

💰 in the bank

Credit: CNN Money

As Slack pushes to remain the favorite messaging tool for large teams, they managed to secure a $250 million investment round led by Softbank Group — putting their valuation at over $5 billion.

While Bloomberg reported on the investment happening towards the end of July, Slack had refused to comment but is now confirming and commenting that the investment will allow for some operational flexibility.

Check out what the CEO of Slack, Stewart Butterfield, had to say about their latest funding rounding.


Hubspot’s latest Acquisition

A push for always-on communication for brands

Hubspot, known for their marketing and CRM tools, has announced this week their latest acquisition of Motion AI, a startup focused on offering tools to build smart chatbots. This move is just another way that Hubspot is ready to adapt to the value of chat and messaging.

We’re in the midst of a massive shift as businesses embrace this new platform and consumers come to expect more immediate, always-on communication from brands.

Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot

Read their full announcement »


Also, check out an example of Hubspot’s PR bot in action »


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