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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #8

Industry News September 29, 2017
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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #8

Wow, is it Friday already?! We were busy this week and apparently many major enterprise messaging platforms were too!

Here’s what we found interesting this week:

Microsoft Teams to replace Skype for Business

It’s officially official. Microsoft is going all-in on Teams.

At the start of the week during MS Ignite, Microsoft publicly declared the Microsoft Teams platform as the single hub for enterprise chat. Teams already covers most of Skype’s functionality and it seemed like only a matter of time before it set out to fully replace it.

With Microsoft’s push for Office 365 users to join the existing 125,000 user base on Teams, Microsoft should be opening up the door for more companies to transition away from Skype for Business or other messaging platforms. This serves as Microsoft’s latest push to put pressure on Slack. Teams is also promising to bake in machine learning, cognitive services, and speech recognition to improve the meeting experience.

If you’re interested in giving Microsoft Teams a test run — they have an interactive demo here:


Walmart signs up for Workplace by Facebook

This relatively new platform is finding market fit quickly

Workplace by Facebook has signed on Walmart- which has over 2 million employees. While they won’t all get access immediately, the move to incrementally rollout across departments, teams, and operations is a good sign.

Walmart aims to utilize Workplace by Facebook as a place to share product layouts, to broadcast internal news announcements, and to manage team communication across different countries. As we’ve mentioned before, the biggest selling point for Workplace by Facebook is the lack of adoption training. Similar to the platform’s first large customer, Starbucks, Walmart is likely hoping to gather feedback from within company ranks.

Check out their announcement:


Additional details:


Zoho officially announces Cliq

Another player to add to the ever-growing roster of enterprise messaging platforms

Zoho, a large enterprise that offers a suite of tools from product marketing to CRM, has officially announced a new collaboration tool for teams. Known as Cliq, Zoho aims to automate mundane tasks, offering a load of features to facilitate communication with the ultimate goal of increasing productivity.


Aside from full integration with other Zoho Suite Apps, users can expect full support for real-time messaging, file sharing, voice and video chat. While it does offer a free plan for teams looking to give it a test run, Cliq is looking to charge $3/user/month for features like unlimited integrations and a searchable history — check out their pricing page for a breakdown of features.

Full announcement below:


Slack Introduces Dialogs

Do more within Slack

For developers, this new feature announcement is a nice surprise when it comes to building and collating feedback for an app. As of now, you can implement 3 different dialogs to extend your apps workflows:

  • Text Inputs: Collecting single-line text
  • Text Areas: Free-form text box
  • Dropdown Menus: For predefined selections

Check out Slack’s documentation for implementing this new dialog feature:


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