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Enterprise Connect 2019 round up

Editor's Column March 21, 2019
Enterprise Messaging Corner
Dominic Kent


Enterprise Connect 2019 round up

Enterprise Messaging Corner

There is only one place to start this week’s enterprise messaging corner. Announced on the second day of Enterprise Connect 2019 this week, Mio was announced as the winner for Best Innovation for Collaboration!

The Mio team collection Best Innovation for Collaboration at Enterprise Connect 2019
Best Innovation for Collaboration at Enterprise Connect 2019

As well as showcasing our interoperability solution for Slack, Cisco Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams at in the exhibition hall, Mio was nominated for both Best Innovation for Collaboration and Best Overall at Enterprise Connect.

Whilst we narrowly pipped our good friends Microsoft to Best Innovation for Collaboration, Microsoft scooped up Best Overall for their Teams for first line workers solution.

We also kicked off our enterprise messaging survey during Enterprise Connect. If you’re an IT admin or buyer, make sure you are one of the first 200 to respond in order to qualify for a $50 Amazon gift card.

Mio wins Best Innovation for Collaboration at Enterprise Connect 2019
Mio wins Best Innovation for Collaboration at Enterprise Connect 2019

Microsoft at Enterprise Connect 2019

Microsoft introduced some key features to their meeting and collaboration stack. You can read a full rundown of the additional functionality here. The highlights are included below:

  • Secure private channels
  • Information barriers
  • Calendar app
  • Live Captions
  • Customized backgrounds
  • Content cameras and intelligent capture
  • Microsoft whiteboard
  • Enhancements to the Chrome browser meeting experience
  • Live events in Microsoft 365
  • Meetings first
  • New meeting devices
  • New supported handsets
Microsoft Teams backgrounds
Microsoft Teams backgrounds

Microsoft also announced they now boast 5m active users and support
2 billion first-line employees in service and task-oriented roles.

Cisco at Enterprise Connect 2019

On Wednesday, Amy Chang led a Cisco keynote introducing Cisco partners and customers to the idea of Cognitive Collaboration. The theme introduces new and existing Webex Teams users to bringing context and intelligence into meetings.

Key features added to the Webex Teams meeting experience include:

  • People insights
  • Webex Assistant with Proactive Join to Webex Assistant
  • Facial recognition
  • First Match (conversational AI formerly Mindmeld)

Amy also announced Cisco Webex Meetings interoperability with Microsoft Teams and Google. You can find out more in Amy’s blog here.

Cisco Webex Meetings announced Cognitive Collaboration features at Enterprise Connect 2019
Cisco Webex Meetings


In readiness for Enterprise Connect 2019, Slack confirmed Enterprise Key Management is now generally available. Slack admins can now effectively bring their own encryption. The move by Slack is another feature added in the lead up to the Slack public offering, expected soon.

Slack also published a blog this week around collaborative leadership. Slack referenced Deloitte findings where a third of millennials say that they believe within 10 years “the CEO role will no longer be relevant in its current format.”

Similar to Cisco’s introduction of cognitive collaboration, Slack recognizes the importance of intelligence and communications when leaders look to collaboration for business planning.

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