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Enterprise Messaging News Round Up #30

Industry News October 25, 2018
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Enterprise Messaging News Round Up #30

Microsoft revealed this week that it will be abandoning the “T-bot” application for end-user assistance. Cisco announced a wide range of upcoming updates to Cisco Webex Teams, and Slack is now available on the Super Nintendo…

Let’s check out the biggest team collaboration stories from this week.

Microsoft Teams kills T-Bot

T-Bot was designed to provide support to Microsoft Teams users. The text-based AI answered questions users had about how to use the enterprise chat app and learn quick commands. This made it it a seemingly useful feature for beginners. However, Tom Arbuthnot broke the news that Microsoft will be removing T-Bot and replacing it with a more traditional help system.

At this point, there’s no official comment why Microsoft Teams is getting rid of their interactive help option. It’s an interesting move, considering that Microsoft, like many other tech vendors, is beginning to focus more heavily on AI in the workplace, especially in team collaboration.

T- Bot in Microsoft Teams
T- Bot in Microsoft Teams


Microsoft updates Android app and confirms the absence of a Linux client

Microsoft’s change to their support strategy isn’t the only the thing to make the news this week. They also admitted there are no dedicated engineers working on a Linux client for Microsoft Teams. The decision to avoid offering an app for Linux differs to the previous Skype for Business strategy, which has a Linux client. Linux users will need to continue using a browser-based tool for now.

Microsoft Teams does have an update for Android. The latest version of the Teams app (V.1416) appeared in the Play Store this week with new features. These include playing meeting recordings in your app and schedule personal events on an individual organization chart.

New features for Microsoft Teams on Android
New features for Microsoft Teams on Android


Skype for Business Server 2019 is now GA

Microsoft customers that aren’t ready to move to Microsoft Teams for chat and collaboration received some positive news this week. Microsoft announced that Skype for Business Server 2019 is now generally available, allowing customers to continue using the SfB deployments in an on-premises environment. Features include:

  •         Cloud voicemail support for hosted and on-premise users
  •         Cloud call data connector for hybrid environments
  •         Streamlined Teams migration service
  •         TLS 1.2 support for enhanced security
  •         Added Windows Server 2019 support

Microsoft will also be adding Cloud Auto Attendant to the Skype for Business Server in the months to come.

Skype for Business Server 2019
Skype for Business Server 2019


8×8 announces team collaboration solution

8×8 has been building out its Unified Communication stack for some time now, through the customisable X Series portfolio. This month, 8×8 announced the addition of an enterprise-grade team messaging service to the X Series, designed for secure instant chat. The group messaging app includes:

  •         A single application for meetings, voice, and team messaging
  •         Interoperability with third-party chat apps through the Sameroom
  •         Real-time collaboration capabilities (file sharing, messaging, etc.)
  •         Integrated audio and video conferencing
  •         Support for up to 100 participants
  •         Intelligent reporting
8x8 Team Collaboration
8×8 Team Collaboration


Cisco announces updates for Cisco Webex Teams

Cisco has announced a wide selection of high-quality updates to their Cisco Webex Teams experience. The update for October 25th includes everything from changes to the personal room setting design, to optimized video resolution for meetings on Mac and Windows clients. Other upgrades include:

  •         Stop and play controls for animated GIFs on Windows and Mac
  •         Favorite Spaces more easily on Mac and Windows
  •         Immediate PIN lock for iOS and Android
  •         Alerts when you’re added to a space on iOS and Android
  •         Quote message features on iOS and Android

Cisco Webex Teams will also have enhanced meeting features for November, including the options to zoom when sharing your screen in a meeting, get details about a conference by clicking on the “I” symbol, and record your conversations.

What's new in Cisco Webex Teams
What’s new in Cisco Webex Teams


Slack engineer loads the enterprise chat app on a Super Nintendo

Slack news takes a more playful note this week after they revealed a ground breaking revelation. An engineer has been able to create a version of the enterprise chat app for SuperNintendo! Slack engineer, Bertrand Fan, set out with a mission to prove that he could get Slack up and running on virtually any device.

Using the SatellaView peripheral on the SNES, Fan created an emulator with a programmed version of Slack that could send messages to his games console. Though the accomplishment doesn’t mean much for today’s employees, it does show that Slack is versatile and flexible enough to work in even the most bizarre of settings. Check out the video below.


Thanks for joining us in our latest weekly news roundup. We’ll be back with more updates next week! Remember to catch up with us on Twitter and LinkedIn for more of the latest news about Enterprise Messaging!

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