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Cisco combines BroadCloud with Webex Teams

Industry News November 29, 2018
Enterprise messaging and collaboration

Cisco combines BroadCloud with Webex Teams

Enterprise messaging and collaboration

Workplace officially leaves Facebook, Cisco Webex Teams sees BroadCloud integrated and Microsoft Teams gets Yammer support for both iOS and Android. It may be holiday season but enterprise collaboration never stops.

Let’s check out the biggest team chat stories from this month.

Workplace announces domain split from Facebook.com

Due to potential security threats, Workplace by Facebook has opted to separate its business product from its consumer domain. Responding to demand and urgency of an existing customer, like Walmart, Workplace by Facebook has deemed it fit to take drastic action.

Workplace.com will be the new home for Workplace by Facebook to operate. This is currently the landing page for sales inquiries but looks set to change in early 2019.

Workplace.com landing page
Workplace.com landing page

Cisco combines BroadCloud with Webex Teams

Cisco is combining BroadCloud Calling with Webex Teams. The cloud-based calling bundle is set to integrate into the Webex Teams product to bolster the meetings and team collaboration tool.

Aruna Ravichandran, Cisco’s VP of Global Marketing and CMO for Collaboration and Webex commented on the integration, “We are the most experienced cloud calling and UC provider in the market globally.”

The addition of BroadCloud into Cisco Webex Teams will also see Webex Teams users benefit from calling features like mute, transfer and click-to-dial. This news is the first major overhaul since Cisco completed the acquisition in February 2018.

BroadSoft became part of Cisco in Feb 2018 to change the face of enterprise collaboration
BroadSoft became part of Cisco in Feb 2018


Microsoft Teams gets Yammer support on iOS and Android

Microsoft Teams updates were released this month for both iOS and Android. The common new feature was the ability to contribute to Yammer discussions without leaving the Microsoft Teams app. Release notes for iOS include:

  • Use drive mode for safer meetings on the go
  • Join teams via a link
  • Participate in Yammer discussions during live events
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Release notes for Android consist of:

  • Turn off push notifications for specified times
  • Participate in Yammer discussions during live events
  • Play meeting recordings in the app
  • Schedule personal events
  • View your organization chart


Microsoft Teams mobile
Microsoft Teams mobile

Cisco announces upcoming collaboration updates

Cisco announced a raft of updates for Webex Teams users to expect over the next two months. December’s updates include:

  • Call-in options available for Cisco Webex Share – Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android
  • Connect and share wirelessly to on-premises Webex devices  – Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Improved alignment with Cisco Webex Meetings – Windows and Mac
  • Search for files – Web
  • Quote someone’s message – Web
  • Join meetings by phone aligned with Cisco Webex Meetings – Web
Cisco Webex Meetings video view
Cisco Webex Meetings video view

Further to these, the following updates are scheduled for January:

  • Share Files from Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint Online – Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Wireless media sharing in a meeting – Windows and Mac
  • Preserve text formatting – Windows and Mac
  • Quote someone’s message – Windows and Mac
  • Call changed to meet in group spaces – Windows and Mac
  • Visual design updates to Webex Teams – Windows and Mac
  • Wireless media sharing locally – Mac
  • More emojis for Windows 10

Slack launches enterprise key management with Monzo

At the London edition of Slack Frontiers, April Underwood, Chief Product Officer at Slack, announced that UK bank challenger, Monzo, has begun a pilot of enterprise key management. April said, “It is the same Slack but what it offers administrators is the ability to turn off access to data at any point. You can also turn it off for very specific data sets, channels, and timeframes.”

Enterprise key management is expected to offer core protection of sensitive data in response to data protection and GDPR requirements, by giving customers ownership of the keys used to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data stored in Slack. It also includes a range of new features to make the desktop experience faster and more secure.

Slack Frontiers London
Slack Frontiers London

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