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Microsoft Teams productivity updates

Industry News October 10, 2018
Pitch acquired by Slack
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Microsoft Teams productivity updates

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Cisco resolved their outage problems and are looking forward to brighter things. Microsoft revealed a selection of new productivity updates for their Teams app. Slack prepares a new Team Analytics service.

Outside the big three, we’ve even seen the merger of Videxio and Pexip this week, which could mean that another collaboration tool is entering the market. Here are the biggest stories we’ve seen this week.

Slack Prepares Team Analytics Tool and an Enhanced Desktop Client

During Frontiers, Slack revealed upcoming updates to their app. One particularly exciting announcement was the arrival of a new analytics tool. The Slack analytics service will give companies better insights into how their teams communicate and collaborate.

According to the head of Slack’s Search, Learning and Intelligence, Jamie DeLanghe, Slack wants to help organizations understand how their companies are functioning. Improved analytics will help organizations to find the bottlenecks in their communication strategies.

Slack also announced that they’re working on a faster loading desktop app so that companies can access their everyday enterprise messaging tools as quickly as possible.

Frontiers, Slack conference
Frontiers, Slack conference


Cisco Explains Recent Outage and Looks Forward to Better Things

After Webex Meetings and Webex Teams spent more than a week offline, Cisco representatives have now revealed the source of the problem. Cisco admitted that the service issue was caused by an automated script running on Webex Teams which deleted the virtual machines hosting the service. 

While this might seem like a significant mistake on Cisco’s behalf, they’re not the only company that’s suffered bad scripts before. In August, IBM suffered a similar problem caused by poor scripting.

The good news is that Cisco Webex Teams is now back up and running and Cisco is looking forward to new updates for the app. In the collaboration help center, Cisco published a note thanking customers for their patience and that they’re planning to release their next service update on the 25th of October.

Cisco outage announcement
Cisco outage announcement


Microsoft Teams Delivers New Productivity Updates

Microsoft Teams on iOS devices has been upgraded to version 1.0.56 this week. The latest version adds a range of new customization options for device notifications, as well as the ability to play meeting recordings and more. Features include:

  •         Scheduling personal events
  •         Option to play meeting recordings
  •         Language updates for Serbian, Latin, and Latvian
  •         View organization charts
  •         Turn off push notifications for specific times

With the iOS update this week, Microsoft also revealed a new Jira Cloud app for Microsoft Teams updated to support Jira Service Desk projects. Teams users can now access the Confluence Cloud extension to search through their Confluence messages in Teams.

Jira in Microsoft Teams
Jira in Microsoft Teams


Videxio and Pexip Announce Merger

The enterprise messaging market may have become even more competitive this week. Videxio and Pexip plan to merge. Both companies are innovators in enterprise collaboration with specialist knowledge of cloud video conferencing and messaging.

Pexip partnered with Google Cloud this year to deliver interoperability to Hangouts Meet. Following their new merger with Videxio, they plan to continue into the world of collaboration apps. According to CEO of Pexip, Odd Sverre Ostile, the alliance between Pexip and Videxio will open the door to a new product portfolio for the joint company. Upon the finalization of the merger, the Videxio brand will be dropped, and the combined brand will be called “Pexip.”

Pexip and Video plan to merge
Pexip and Video plan to merge


Slack Invests in Presentation Software Company

Following Slack’s acquisition of email client Astro, they’ve put their money into presentation software company Pitch

The new investment may be part of Slack’s expanding strategy to create the ultimate email killer. Pitch rethinks how the average business presents its ideas. With an open platform, their app changes the way presentations are crafted and how knowledge is shared. This open platform strategy for business presentations may be ideal for companies that need to share information across multiple enterprise messaging platforms.

Pitch acquired by Slack
Pitch acquired by Slack

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