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How Law Firms Can Increase Billable Hours in Slack and Microsoft Teams

How Law Firms Can Increase Billable Hours and Improve Client Communication in Slack and Microsoft Teams


How Law Firms Can Increase Billable Hours in Slack and Microsoft Teams

How law firms can Increase Billable Hours and improve client communication in Slack and Microsoft Teams

As a lawyer in the age of collaboration technology, your computer is likely littered with possible ways to communicate with your clients.

With client communication becoming a full-time job itself, you may feel like you’re leaking billable hours.

Let’s walk through how universal channels increase billable hours when using platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

We’ll cover:

  1. How to have better and more frequent communication with clients
  2. Reducing intake time
  3. Managing clients from a single app
  4. How lawyers can increase billable hours

Better and more frequent communication with clients

In 2020, clients expect immediate answers thanks to the technology they use in their consumer life.

If you’re face to face with a client, this is easily done. And when you’re on the phone, you answer as they ask.

However, with multiple clients to manage, constant synchronous communication is impossible.

Apps like Microsoft Teams or Slack do a great job of joining up client communications if your client uses the same app as you.

Otherwise, it’s back to email. And isn’t the delay between emails unbearable?

Imagine you could stay in your preferred app – say Microsoft Teams – and update all your clients as they message you from their app.

No reverting back to email or hoarding information to run over in your next call.

Well, now you can.

Mio allows you to advise your clients in your preferred chat app.

Your working day can change from dedicating time to update clients on transactional tasks like drafting and filing legal forms to just doing them.

How much easier is this scenario?

You, in your preferred app:

“Hey customer, I noticed you don’t cover the new data privacy laws in your Ts & Cs. I just did this for 3 other startups. Want me to send an updated doc?”

Your client, in their preferred app:

“Yes please. Thanks for being so proactive.”

Stay in Teams and chat with clients in Webex Teams and Slack

All you need to do is install our app and choose your platform of choice.

Once you install and your clients join, start providing better and more frequent communication with your clients.

You stay in Teams. They stay in Slack.

You can even send a new copy of the updated Ts and Cs across platform. So, there’s no need for file transfers and multiple emails.

By reducing your time spent managing client communications, clients benefit from better and more frequent communication, and you make time to onboard new clients and control intake.

Reduce intake time

When you begin intaking a client, you can receive an immediate notification in the platform of your choice.

By initiating conversation in a universal channel, you set the tone for how you will converse during intake.

You can ensure you meet your client’s requirements, discuss the payment plan, and suggest whether you think the client has a case.

By always being in your preferred app, you expedite the first touchpoint with clients. There is no switching between apps and methods of communications and intake becomes as slick as it could be if everybody used the same app.

Stay in your preferred platform and manage all your clients

When you create a universal channel for you and your client to chat in, you assert control over the communications process and control the intake.

Direct the conversation and flush out the important details you need in order to proceed with the case. You can use your favorite chat features like Slack threads to keep separate topics in their own space. You can react to messages that don’t require a verbal response – instead of replying to that email with a simple “thanks.”

When you remove the redundant conversation, intake becomes a swift process you both you and your client. If your intake per client is reduced, you have more time to take on new ones.

Ultimately, increased productivity = more billable clients.

Manage your clients from a single chat app

How many clients you do have at a time?

If your answer is more than one and they don’t use the same collaboration app as me, then universal channels can help you too.

Instead of leaving Slack to write a thousand-word email update, you can increase response time by supporting multiple clients in separate universal channels.

Set up a universal channel per client and invite your contacts. It doesn’t matter what app they use – Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Webex Teams are all supported in a universal channel.

You can manage transactional tasks like advising on corporate decisions, amending articles of association, issuing shares, or conducting due diligence – all from your universal channel.

Everybody stays in the platform of their choice and your client interactions complete in record time – freeing up your time to take on another client.

To recap, you stay in Slack. Your clients stay in their platform – like Microsoft Teams or Webex Teams.

And the same is true vice versa. If you use Microsoft Teams or Webex, stay in your preferred app and invite the Slack users you need to collaborate with.

You can literally manage all clients from a single chat app.

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How universal channels help lawyers increase billable hours

Whether you are a corporate lawyer, real estate lawyer, or tax lawyer, universal channels enable you to provide clients with better and more frequent communication.

Stay in sync with all your clients’ every transaction. Provide better and more frequent communication. Increase billable hours by taking on more clients.

No more email. No more app switching.

In conclusion, universal channels allow you to:

  1. Work with your clients not against them
  2. Complete transactional tasks faster
  3. Reduce intake time
  4. Spend more time onboarding new clients instead of managing email updates

To increase your billable hours, learn more about Mio here.

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