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Let’s Talk About Kayak: Bots of Microsoft Teams

Integrations May 12, 2017


Let’s Talk About Kayak: Bots of Microsoft Teams

Everyone loves Kayak, right? We all know it as the simple, clean travel planner. The kind folks at Kayak even brought us this Excel-like travel planner, to keep your travel planning on the DL.

But planning your vacations just got even easier — if you hang out on Microsoft Teams, you don’t even have to leave your chat window to book your travel.

Enter the Kayak bot!

As one of the first bots available on Microsoft Teams, and with all of its amazing features, Kayak has the market cornered for travel booking. Within minutes, pull up anything travel related. You can even check the statuses of flights to see if they’re running on time. The bot is totally packed with features, which makes booking and managing your travel easier than it’s ever been.

You can even add filters. Want a hotel less than 350 a night? Want to make sure you land in business class? Just let the Kayak bot know, and it’ll work some magic for you.

All you need to do is send Kayak bot a direct message, then whatever you’re looking for — you can say “flights from aus to sea from 6/15 to 6/19”, or “hotels in austin for 2 nights under $300” and it’s got you covered. It’ll link to options on the website, where you’ll ultimately need to book, but you can stay in the chat window for all of your searching.

Ready to get started? You can add Kayak to your Microsoft Teams right here.

Coming soon — more of the Microsoft Team bots! Is there a bot you’d like to see on Teams? Let us know on Twitter! 🤖

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  1. Abhijit

    One we should definitely have is, Solution guide. see there are multiple solutions(application) available for every query, I think what is missing out is the exact solution(application) suggestion for the exact query. So I think we should come up with bot that would suggest nearly exact solution to the requirement.

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