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Slack and Webex integration – at last!

Slack Webex integration


Slack and Webex integration – at last!

Slack Webex integration

If Slack and Webex integration is on your wishlist, you’ve come to the right place.

Do you have a Cisco telepresence solution and then started using Spark (now Webex) because it came with it?

Perhaps you’ve always used Jabber, then learned about the additional features on Webex.

Or, perhaps you’ve always been a fan of Cisco Webex Meetings, and eventually started using Webex too.

However you arrived here, if your company also uses Slack, the challenge of getting everyone to have the same conversation at work is very real.

Welcome to the crossroads of unified collaboration. Despite having so many tools available to us to communicate, it’s harder than ever to send a message and get a response.

Slack vs Webex…
Slack and Webex?

Your engineering team may have organically introduced Slack as the collaboration tool in your company, but what does a hybrid UC co-existence scenario look like with Slack and Webex? Is it even possible?

You have two options, and you may not have known the 2nd was even possible!

1. Kill Slack and get everyone on Webex

An extremely common question is: “How do we move users off Slack when we want to fully adopt Webex?”

We often hear this following a merger or acquisition – when the new company is using Slack and the assumption is that everybody has to collaborate in the same app.

Here are two key considerations as you work to get buy-in from your Slack users:

You’ll need to prevent data loss when migrating from Webex to Slack:

You will need to map channels that exist in Slack that need to exist in Webex and migrate all of the existing content over.

You will need to tell your team they should prepare to lose data or have a lapse in access to that data for a period of time.

You’ll need to transition your Slack integrations & workflows onto Webex:

You’ll need to work out what functionality you will lose by moving off Slack. Ask your Slack users what integrations they use and workflows they’ve built into Slack that need to be replicated into Webex.

If the integration is not available for Webex yet, you may need to find a workaround solution or a different SaaS provider entirely.

Remember that in general, people will be averse to losing the app they live in all day, without a good reason.

This effort may take many weeks or months of careful planning.

2. Sync Slack and Webex for Slack and Webex integration

Collaboration apps are extremely personalized and users will have their favorite integrations and bots that they use and rely on, day in day out. 

In the long term, planning to support and federate two or more messaging environments, like Slack and Cisco Webex gives your UC strategy more flexibility, as long as everyone can work together across different chat platforms.

That’s where Mio can help.

Mio keeps everyone chatting and collaborating in both Cisco Webex and Slack environments while syncing people and channels across all platforms. This truly is the best of both worlds.

Everyone gets to collaborate the way they prefer, without the need for a big migration plan.

Slack Webex integration

Mio for Slack and Webex integration

With Mio, your Webex users don’t need to change platforms and will still be able to chat with colleagues on Slack, and vice versa.

Mio is simple to set up:

  • Sync all the chat apps your teams use by creating your Mio Hub
  • Add all the teams, spaces & channels
  • Team members in your Mio Hub can immediately chat in DMs or groups with members on other platforms
  • File sharing, threaded messages, reactions, and the ability to edit and delete messages are all supported with Mio
  • New channels or spaces an employee is invited to will be mirrored in the primary chat platform they prefer to use

To find out more about Mio’s Cisco Webex + Slack interoperability solution, check out this demo video of cross-platform messaging.

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