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Mio Product Updates — v1.3

Mio Updates March 23, 2018


Mio Product Updates — v1.3

New features and updates in Mio v1.2 & v1.3

Mio lets you send and receive messages between Slack and Cisco Spark.

After an exciting Product Hunt launch and a successful SXSW Startup Crawl, the team has been heads down loading up a plate of new features, bug fixes and overall improvements to our universal messaging product.

What’s new in Version 1.3

Featured Updates

  • Introducing Admins and Super Admins 👥Universal Channels now offer creators the ability to make other members admins so various users have access to admin-specific settings.
  • New Slash Commands in Slack — Add, chat, and members.
  • A ton of major improvements and bug fixes.

Mio for Slack

  • Single Sign On with Slack 🔑Simply sign in with your Slack team to experience a seamless flow of joining new universal channels and direct chat invitations.
  • Mentioning in Slack 🗣is a native experience across teams and platforms, so you can simply @julio.m.io or julio.m.io and the mentioned user will receive a native alert that they have been mentioned in a channel.
  • Greet New Members 👋with an added channel setting that allows for welcome messages to be set by the channel admin and posted to all new users.

🔨Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Added Gmail format support to our dialog boxes Julio Lopez <julio@message.io>so you can now copy and paste a list of contacts from Gmail and expect invites to be sent successfully.
  • Added the ability to use our slash commands /add, /chat, /members, /mio across any channel, including those where the Mio bot has not been added to.
  • Improved deep link support on mobile so that invites properly launch the slack app, or the webpage if the Slack app is not installed on a mobile device.
  • Improved the in app invitation to show what Mio user has sent the invite to join a universal channel.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented file comments from being properly displayed across slack teams and platforms.

Mio for Cisco Spark

  • Accessing your Mio profile within the Mio spark bot 👤Spark users can now access their Mio profiles and edit information like profile image, name, bio and LinkedIn page.
  • Advanced Mention Handling on Spark 🗣Similar to the native mention experience that exists on Slack when a user types @julio — Spark users can also expect a native experience within Spark and across platforms by simply using Mio handles like: @Julio.m.io or Julio.m.io

What’s New in Version 1.2

  • Introduction Messages within Direct Chats 💬Once you’ve approved a direct chat with someone, you can expect a new merged introduction message that gets sent to both users to that displays profile images and names.
  • Additional Settings within Channels ⚙️Within a newly created universal channel, admins will have the ability to enable a share link, silent mode, and information on the channel itself.
  • New Slash Commands within Slack 👐To make it easier, we’ve add 3 new slash commands:

- /add: Let's you invite anyone to the current universal channel via M.io handle or email.

– /chat: Let’s you start a direct chat with anyone using their Mio handle or email.

– /members: Quickly shows the participants within a universal channel.

🔨 Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was causing invites to expire after a few days.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing file comments to be duplicated across platforms.
  • Improved the default invite message within our Slack dialog to reflect whether the creator established a purpose at the time of creating a channel or not.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing universal channel invitations to not be properly routed to the Mio bot in Slack.

That’s it for now! 🕶 If you have any questions or would like to offer some feedback for future feature requests then feel free to join our own Universal Channel and let’s start chatting! 💬

🔗 https://m.io/channel/mio-support

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