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Top 36 Microsoft Teams Integrations, Apps, and Bots for 2019

Blog Integrations July 9, 2019
Microsoft Teams integrations
Dominic Kent


Top 36 Microsoft Teams Integrations, Apps, and Bots for 2019

Microsoft Teams integrations

Looking to boost your collaboration experience with some Microsoft Teams integrations? Well you’ve come to the right place.

Included below are the top 36 apps and software vendors that you could and probably should be adding to your Microsoft Teams app today.

We’ve sorted them by category in case you have a pressing need.

Comms | Collaboration | Productivity | Cust Service | Business | Bots

If there’s anything missing, or we haven’t provided an integration that meets your requirements, let us know! We’re a clever bunch here at Mio, so we’ll happily recommend or source the best Microsoft Teams integration to enhance your Teams experience.

Microsoft Teams integrations to help communication

1. Zoom

Zoom is one of the fastest-growing video conferencing brands on the market, offering state-of-the-art digital interactions through a simple click-to-call interface. 

With Zoom’s Microsoft Teams integration, you can start video meetings instantly using Teams bot commands.

Simply set up a meeting and your Zoom bot will send a unique link for your conference that you can share with the rest of your team.

With Zoom Video conferencing, you can:

  • Launch video in seconds on the apps your staff love
  • Interact with people outside of Microsoft Teams
  • Host video conferences with a secure link
  • Get complete meeting summary reports
  • Access video meeting recordings

If that wasn’t enough, here’s another reason to like Zoom (as if you haven’t seen this already):

Zoom; A Video Conference in Real Life

Add Zoom to Microsoft Teams here

2. Cisco Webex Meetings

As the results of our Workplace Messaging Report pointed out, there is an incredible amount of app coexistence in businesses today.

For businesses that use Webex for Meetings, but Microsoft Teams for chat,, this integration is the ideal remedy.

You might not be able to join Cisco Webex Teams with Microsoft Teams without a little help from Mio, but you can link your meetings to Microsoft Teams with the Cisco Meetings bot. This bot allows you to add links for your Webex meeting room into your team channel. 

Cisco Webex Meetings in Microsoft Teams

You need a Cisco Webex account to use the bot, but once you’ve signed up, you may find that hosting cross-platform meetings with your colleagues and coworkers is much easier.

Features include:

  • Send links from Webex into Microsoft Teams
  • Schedule meetings on Microsoft Office 365 calendars
  • Let Microsoft users join a conference from a single click on a unique URL

Add Cisco Webex Meetings to Microsoft Teams here

3. Freehand

There’s more to communication than words and text. Sometimes, the best way to add context to a conversation is to bring some imagery into the mix. Freehand is an app by InVision, a company known for helping companies to create more effective graphic design workflows. 

Freehand Microsoft Teams integrations
Freehand Microsoft Teams integration

With Freehand’s Microsoft Teams integrations, you can access an infinite whiteboard where users can sketch, draw, and edit things together.

Features include:

  • Wireframing
  • Visual planning
  • Presentations
  • Co-drawing
  • Save collaborations in the cloud

Add Freehand to Microsoft Teams here

4. RingCentral

You probably know RingCentral as a leading provider of communication solutions for modern businesses. Now, RingCentral has a dedicated app for Microsoft Teams too, which provides access to your own personal RingCentral bot.

The RingCentral bot brings enterprise-communication capabilities into Microsoft Teams so that you can access all the advanced features of RingCentral meetings in your Teams app.

RingCentral Microsoft Teams integrations
RingCentral Microsoft Teams integrations

There’s no need to switch between apps when collaborating in Teams, which means that projects keep moving forward in a faster, more productive way. 

Features include:

  • Call to access conference calls and click-to-join meetings
  • Meet to locate session and dial-in numbers
  • Help to unlock a range of RingCentral commands

Add RingCentral to Microsoft Teams here

Integrations for better collaboration

5. Lucidchart

Visuals are crucial in workflows, particularly if you’re working with designs, organizational charts, wireframes, and more. The Lucidchart Microsoft Teams integration by Lucid Software inc helps you to improve collaboration and productivity in an aesthetically-driven team. 

Anyone in your channel can edit or comment on a document using Lucidchart, without having to leave their Teams app.

Features include:

  • In-editor commenting, notes, and @mentions
  • Work together in real-time from any location
  • Drag and drop visual editing
  • Include links and layers for interactive diagrams
  • Presentation mode for easy-to-consume slideshows

Add Lucidchart to Microsoft Teams here

6. Mural

When you implement Mural in your Teams workspace, you get a custom channel and a notification bot built-in. 

The range of features you receive with Mural will allow you to brainstorm quickly with coworkers, send notifications to coworkers, and manage a complete collaborative canvas in the heart of your Teams channels.


Capabilities include:

  • Messaging extension: Message and whiteboard at the same time
  • Receive notifications when someone invites you to a mural or updates information
  • Custom Mural tab: provide employees with a custom collaboration tab where they can brainstorm, draw, and build diagrams

Add Mural to Microsoft Teams here

7. Wrike

While some groups thrive best using whiteboards and visual prompts, others need a structured flow to their collaborative strategy. Wrike is a well-known online project management software that helps teams to accomplish more in an agile environment. 

The Wrike integration for Microsoft Teams allows companies to transform conversations with the option to create and manage tasks, send and receive Wrike comments in teams, and more.

Wrike Microsoft Teams integrations
Wrike Microsoft Teams integrations

Features include:

  • See where your coworkers are on any given project
  • Post-task previews into conversations
  • Send actionable notifications in Teams
  • View schedules on a shared Gantt chart
  • Single sign-on

Add Wrike to Microsoft Teams here

8. Givitas

Teams work better when everyone is on the same page. Givitas is a software solution that’s designed to make it easier for your employees to ask for help at work and get the information they need. This integration ensures that employees have access to collective intelligence in your workplace by making it easier to find and unlock data. 


You can ask for help from other experts around the world and give assistance from members of your own team too. Features include:

  • Get help to complex problems quickly
  • Access useful information for the whole team
  • Make knowledge sharing simple 

Add Givitas to Microsoft Teams here

9. Mindmeister

How do you make sure that your team members can share ideas quickly and easily? MindMeister is an intuitive mind mapping application that works perfectly within the Microsoft Teams ecosystem. Launched in 2007, this app helps people to capture, share, and develop ideas in a visual platform. 

With MindMeister, employees can make notes in teams, brainstorm ideas for an upcoming project, and visualize timelines.

MindMeiester for Microsoft Teams

Features include:

  • Single-page collaborative mind-mapping
  • Visual brainstorming support for Teams
  • Capture and share ideas in an instant
  • Show connections between ideas 

Add MindMeister to Microsoft Teams here

10. Translator

Not all of Microsoft Teams integrations are third-party tools. Sometimes, if you want to get the most out of your Microsoft experience, you need to look in-house. The Translator app from Microsoft is an available integration from Teams that allows you to translate and read messages in your preferred language – no matter your chosen device. 

Translator for Microsoft Teams

You can install Translator once into your Microsoft Teams hub, and it will be available on any device you access your channels from.

Features include:

  • Real-time translation across multiple languages
  • Available for iOS, Mac, Windows, Outlook, and Office 365
  • Translate without switching between apps (just tap a button) 

To use Translator, follow these steps:

In the Microsoft Teams admin center, select Messaging Policies from the left navigation, then either create a new policy or edit an existing policy, and set the Allow users to translate messages option to On.

11. Jell

Jell is partially a collaboration app, and partly an excellent way for business leaders to keep track of workflow. With this simple integration, you can check how everyone’s doing in your team, and make sure that your employees are working towards their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Jell Microsoft Teams integrations
Jell Microsoft Teams integrations

The Jell bot is available from directly inside of Microsoft Teams, and you can use it to mark tasks as complete, set up new jobs, and send reminders. Features include:

  • Reminders to match each user’s time zone
  • Customize standup questions to fit your team
  • Check everyone’s progress directly within Teams

Add Jell to Microsoft Teams here

12. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is an application in the Microsoft Teams portfolio designed for agile teams that need help getting the most out of their workflow.

With MeisterTask, you can organize and manage projects for your workforce in a well-designed customizable environment that adapts to individual user needs. Access Kanban boards, project boards, and software sprint options in seconds.

MeisterTask Microsoft Teams integrations

Tasks come equipped with all the information that team members need to get work done efficiently, and there’s a space for real-time communication too.

Features include:

  • Tags for projects
  • Activity stream
  • Due dates and times
  • Descriptions and checklists
  • Tracked time
  • Task watches and task assigning

Add MeisterTask to Microsoft Teams here

Teams apps for better productivity

13. SoapBox

Take your Microsoft Teams meetings to the next level with Soapbox. When you use Soapbox, you can reduce your chances of tangent-prone discussions that go off-topic. Soapbox will prompt teams to add things to the schedule between meetings too, reducing the risk of awkward silences.

SoapBox Microsoft Teams integrations
SoapBox Microsoft Teams integrations

The Soapbox integration for Microsoft Teams builds on the idea that collaboration works best when everyone interacts in the same place. With Soapbox, you can add things to your meeting agenda and check them off as you go, meaning less jumping between apps.

Features include:

  • Question and answer insights
  • Notifications to help you follow up on meetings
  • Easy catch-up capabilities for people who miss meetings
  • Support for building a stronger relationship between teams
  • Alerts and notifications to keep you moving consistently towards your targets

Add SoapBox to Microsoft Teams here

14. ServiceNow

Created specifically to improve digital workflows, ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that updates the way your employees interact and collaborate.

Offered through the Now Virtual Agent, the ServiceNow integration allows you to perform routine tasks in ServiceNow from directly within teams. 

Now Virtual Agent by ServiceNow
Now Virtual Agent by ServiceNow

You can exchange information easily with your ServiceNow applications and track down answers to frequently asked questions. Keep in mind that you do need a ServiceNow account to use this integration with Microsoft Teams.

Features include:

  • Resolve common IT requests and HR tasks quickly using ServiceNow cloud services
  • Exchange data easily with ServiceNow apps
  • Find answers to common questions
  • Execute routine actions in Microsoft Teams chat

Add Now Virtual Agent to Microsoft Teams here

15. Hive

Hive is a productivity tool that helps employees to manage their workflow in a way that works best for them. Users can organize their workflow using Kanban boards, Gantt charts, calendars, and tables. Plus, updates to the project strategy are reflected throughout all project views, so your team will always know if something changes, no matter which customizations they’re using. 


There’s even access to Hive analytics, which provides interactive dashboards to business leaders, complete with artificial intelligence and machine learning insights. Features include:

  • Spot workflow risks instantly with machine learning
  • Integrate with thousands of other apps
  • Let employees adjust their workflow according to their needs
  • Access summary views of your projects and workplace performance
  • Share files and documents instantly

Add Hive to Microsoft Teams here

16. ScrumGenius

Intended to support the modern, agile team, ScrumGenius makes it easier to automate team status meetings with automated check-ins and stand-ups. This helps managers to track the performance of their employees more effectively. 

ScrumGenius Microsoft Teams integrations
ScrumGenius Microsoft Teams integrations

ScrumGenius integrates with Github, Jira, and more to display team activity and member status updates. It automatically pulls all of the information you need into a single dashboard so you can track the productivity of your team. Capabilities include:

  • Automation: Automate daily status meetings, retrospectives, and check-ins
  • Pull in information from Jira, Github, and Azure boards
  • Access multiple reports to share insights with other managers
  • Customize questions for each team member

Add ScrumGenius to Microsoft Teams here

Teams apps for better customer service

17. Woobot

Woobot is an integration for Microsoft Teams created to give your employees more context when they’re serving your loyal customers. With access to Salesforce CRM information and real-time alerts, your team members can provide every customer with a more personalized end-to-end experience via Woobot.


Additionally, if anyone in your group needs help managing a particularly challenging customer, all they need to do is @mention another employee to collaborate with sales leadership and improve their chances of a great outcome.

Features include:

  • In-depth Salesforce integration for critical CRM data
  • Comment on workflows and collaborate with team members on customer service
  • View, search for and add data to lead reports

Add Woobot to Microsoft Teams here

18. Zoho Desk for Teams

Advertised as the industry’s first context-aware software solution for customer service, Zoho Desk is designed to help companies build stronger relationships with customers.

By giving you access to crucial customer information, Zoho Desk ensures that your agents can provide clients with more valuable and memorable interactions. 

Zoho Desk for Microsoft Teams

Managers can even access useful metrics on Zoho Desk that will allow them to make better decisions about how to organize their teams in the future. Features include:

  • Choose how help tickets get organized 
  • Access contextual intelligence from the Zoho CRM
  • Access automatic suggestions for answers to frequently asked questions
  • Set up automation and assign tasks to specific agents

Add Zoho Desk to Microsoft Teams here

19. Microsoft Dynamics 365

One thing that makes Microsoft Teams an incredibly popular collaboration app is the fact that it integrates so smoothly with the rest of the Microsoft Office environment.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Microsoft Teams, the average employee can get more done, therefore delivering better results for your target audience. 

Microsoft Dynamics for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a tab that you can add directly into your Teams channel, where employees can collaborate on crucial customer records, and work together to close essential business deals. Features include:

  • Co-authoring on Microsoft files
  • Cross-functional collaboration hub
  • Access all the documents you need to close deals

Add Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Microsoft Teams here

20. Klaxoon

Klaxoon is a collaborative meeting app that strives to keep passive presentation to a minimum.

With this tool, you can use your tablet, computer, or phone to participate in meetings, react to presentations, brainstorm with colleagues, and vote on polls. With quizzes, surveys and other engagement strategies to offer, Klaxoon helps to ensure that your employees aren’t snoozing through meetings.


Features include:

The app comes with the option to embed slide decks into your presentation that have been pre-built by the Klaxoon team, featuring challenges, word clouds, and live-poll participation. You share your content live too, so you can get real-time reactions.

  • Brainstorming
  • Challenges in meetings
  • Voting and polling
  • Meeting reactions
  • Multi-choice meeting Features

Add Klaxoon to Microsoft Teams here

Apps that make managing teams simple

21. Qubie

Qubie is a Microsoft Teams app that brings insights and feedback to your team when you’re aiming for a better collaborative experience.

Whether you’re looking for weekly check-ins, or team performance diagnostics, Qubie can help. This simple tool allows team leaders to improve the way they motivate and manage employees.

With Qubie, it’s easy to access insights through simple sentiment questions like “How was your week?”

Qubie for Microsoft Teams

You can also generate results and reports that highlight the growth and development of teams in the workforce too. If you’re working on improving staff engagement, Qubie is a great tool to have.

Features include:

  • Easy sentiment analysis
  • Share feedback with your team
  • Get insights into collaboration
  • Identify roadblocks in performance with reports

Add Qubie to Microsoft Teams here

22. Bonusly

Recognition is crucial to employee engagement and performance. As more companies realize this, the number of tools available to support awards and recognition within collaboration tools is increasing. 

Bonusly is one of the most popular integrations for Microsoft Teams when it comes to enriching company culture. With Bonusly, you can frequently remind employees of how much you appreciate them through social, convenient feedback.

Bonusly Microsoft Teams integrations
Bonusly Microsoft Teams integrations

Bonusly makes giving candid recognition through Microsoft Teams simple. You can give bonuses to colleagues, review your own bonuses, and check on achievements all within Microsoft Teams. 

Features include:

  • Send rewards directly in Microsoft Teams
  • Provide quick feedback and recognition on Teams
  • Support employee engagement and company culture

Add Bonusly to Microsoft Teams here

23. Decisions

Agendas in meetings are crucial to ensure that everyone finishes each collaborative experience on the same page as their coworkers. The mentality in the busy, modern workplace is leaning towards “no agenda, no meeting” – and righty so.

The Decisions app for Microsoft Teams is intended to bring employees closer together by allowing them to share and create agendas, collaborate on specific agenda topics, and generate meeting minutes. There’s also the option to track decisions and tasks discussed in meetings.

Decisions for Office 365

The Decisions feature extends the Office 365 portfolio for groups that need to meet and engage in conferences regularly. 

Features include:

  • Add agendas to meetings within Microsoft Teams
  • View the agenda and suggest agenda topics in the Team thread
  • View meeting agendas and past meeting minutes
  • Save decisions and tasks directly to Microsoft Planner

Add Decisions to Microsoft Teams here

24. Polly

An engaged team is a successful team. If you want to keep your workplace running smoothly, then it’s a good idea to make sure that you know how your employees feel about your current strategies and workflows. 

Polly is a simple survey integration for Microsoft Teams that allows business leaders to create multiple choice questions, and polls to gather feedback from workers. You can get answers to crucial questions without disrupting your team. Features include:

Polly Microsoft Teams integration
Polly Microsoft Teams integration
  • Real-time responses to essential questions
  • Multiple choice or freeform polls
  • Get real-time analytics and insights

Add Polly to Microsoft Teams here

25. CoreView How To

Training is crucial.

This is true for all walks of life – not just Microsoft Teams. However, getting your teams up to speed with Teams pays off tenfold in the long run.

If you’re trying to get your employees to use Microsoft Teams for the first time, then CoreView How To is an integration that provides countless easy-to-follow learning paths that your employees can use. 

Core View Microsoft Teams integrations
Core View Microsoft Teams integrations

These learning paths teach your team members how to get the most out of Microsoft Teams one step at a time. Features include:

  • Access to guidance for people upgrading from Skype for Business
  • Settings and personalization guidance
  • Tips on managing channels, working with files and supporting employees

Add CoreView How To to Microsoft Teams here

26. SignEasy

Administration tasks may not be the most exciting part of running a business, but that doesn’t make them less critical.

The SignEasy integration from Glykka helps business leaders to get critical signatures and information from employees within Microsoft Teams. 

SignEasy for Microsoft Teams

If you want to make sure that your team members can sign any essential forms in a heartbeat, without having to download additional software or come into the office, this is the app for you. Features include:

  • Annotate and edit documents in real-time
  • Add dates names and other details when signing
  • Sign multiple document formats, including Word, PNG, Excel, and PDF

Add SignEasy to Microsoft Teams here

27. Jibble

Without breathing down employees necks, how are you supposed to keep track of what everyone is doing?

Jibble is a bot for Microsoft Teams that allows business leaders to track time and attendance without having to leave the Teams client. It’s also available as a Slack integration – in case you have Slack users too.

Jibble Bot

You can use Jibble for everything from analyzing workplace productivity, to figuring out what each of your staff members is working on at any moment.

Features include:

  • Active time sheet overviews
  • Check who’s working at any given time
  • Track client billing and payroll
  • Keep an eye on employee productivity

Add Jibble to Microsoft Teams here

28. Karma

People need feedback.

A little bit of appreciation from a manager, or some basic rewards and stickers can be all it takes to keep your staff members engaged and happy at work. Karma is a bot that records small but meaningful signs of recognition from business leaders for members of your team. 

Karma Microsoft Teams integration

What’s more, Karma allows employees to reward each other when they notice a job well-done. This can create a more appreciative and friendly culture within your workplace.

Features include:

  • Unique user profiles for every member of your team
  • HR insights for team leaders
  • Performance tracking
  • Long-term and instant rewards
  • Micro feedback

Add Karma to Microsoft Teams here

29. Sociabble

One of the market-leading apps in the employee advocacy space, Sociabble makes it easier to find and engage potential advocates on your team.

This SaaS solution aggregates company content sourced from various channels and creates one-click solutions that your team members can use to share valuable messages on their social media accounts. 


With Microsoft Teams, your staff members can easily click on and upload advocacy posts to their social media pages without having to switch to another app. Plus, they’ll earn badges and rewards for their efforts. Features include:

  • One-click social sharing
  • Easy-to-access employee knowledge
  • Make it easy to identify your top advocates

Add Sociabble to Microsoft Teams here

30. Kiwi

If you use Tableau software to keep track of crucial business information and make educated decisions about your business, Kiwi is a must-have app for Microsoft Teams.

This tool ensures that your team members can get instant updates and Business Intelligence notifications so that they can make decisions carefully for the future of your organization. 

Kiwi Microsoft Teams integrations
Kiwi Microsoft Teams integrations

Kiwi makes it easier to :

  • Increase BI adoption and distribution
  • Keep your team members up to date on essential findings
  • Simplify Business Intelligence reporting

Add Kiwi to Microsoft Teams here

31. AttendanceBot

Presence isn’t always the easiest way to figure out who’s available in your Microsoft Teams channels. That’s why AttendanceBot exists to help you keep track of your team member’s shifts, absences, and vacation time. 

AttendanceBot Microsoft Teams integrations
AttendanceBot Microsoft Teams integrations

Through this easy-to-use Microsoft Teams integration, employees can essentially clock in and out to the workplace, highlighting their available hours for the rest of the team. They can also send requests to AttendanceBot for vacation days, which team managers can then approve or deny.

Features include:

  • Automated reminders about shifts
  • Vacation day messages
  • Shift management and absence tracking
  • Employee performance tracking

Add AttendanceBot to Microsoft Teams here

32. ApproveSimple

Developed by Capriza Inc, the ApproveSimple application for Microsoft Teams is intended to improve and accelerate the corporate decision-making cycle by allowing people to access their approval items within Teams. 


Approvals and decision gates are crucial tools used by a range of managers to keep processes running smoothly. ApproveSimple consolidates approvals from multiple environments into a simple and easy-to-use experience. You can check on everything from invoices to purchase requests within Microsoft Teams channels.

Features include:

  • Consolidate all of your approvals into one UI
  • Manage leave requests and management changes
  • Track invoices and purchases requests

Add ApproveSimple to Microsoft Teams here

Bots, assistants, and other apps you need to know about

33. Elmah.io

Created specifically for developers who need help collaborating online, Elmah.io is an excellent integration for Microsoft Teams. 

This app integrates elmah.io functionality into Microsoft Teams so that you can identify and resolve bugs in development cycles quickly and easily.

Elmah.io automatically publishes error messages, URLs causing errors, and more into your Microsoft Teams conversations so that users can manage bugs directly within Teams.

Elmah.io Microsoft Teams integrations
Elmah.io Microsoft Teams integrations

If you’re constantly dealing with website errors as you develop new functionalities for your online offering, then Elmah.io is sure to improve your experience of Microsoft Teams. There’s even an in-built integration included from JavaScript. 

Features include:

  • Cloud-based error management within Microsoft Teams
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Deployment tracking
  • Complete access to notifications from the DevOps lifecycle in Elmah.io

Add Elmah.io to Microsoft Teams here

34. Atbot

AtBot is a customizable workplace assistant with machine learning functionality built-in.

With AtBot, you can create conversational UIs for virtually any workload, using the minimal code. AtBot integrates with Microsoft Flow for better logic execution and Microsoft AIs. 

Atbot Microsoft Teams integrations

You can build immersive and intelligent bots in no time, with virtually no experience required. AtBot is also available at “Enterprise” level if you want more advanced features.

Some of the capabilities you can expect include:

  • Build custom bots in minutes
  • Manage your virtual assistants with ease
  • Add custom logic to AI workflow management

Add Atbot to Microsoft Teams here

35. Zoom.ai

Zoom.AI is another intelligent assistant that businesses can add to their Microsoft Teams experience.

Zoom.ai gives your employees up to 3 hours back in their day by making it easier to search for information, schedule meetings, and access essential data. 

Zoom.ai Microsoft Teams integrations
Zoom.ai Microsoft Teams integrations

With Zoom.AI inside Microsoft Teams, employees can automate everyday tasks such as:

  • Managing calendars and setting up meetings
  • Getting automated briefings for conferences
  • Finding files anywhere
  • Getting immediate answers to complex questions
  • Daily snapshots with updates to cancel and change meeting times

Add Zoom.ai to Microsoft Teams here

36. Mio

One of the biggest challenges that companies face when it comes to making the most out of Microsoft Teams is that some of their employees already use other apps.

If you have employees that prefer to use Slack or Cisco Webex Teams, then it can be practically impossible to get them to join the rest of your staff on a Microsoft app. 

Mio ensures your team can use the tool they feel most comfortable with, without missing out on crucial messages and content.

Mio connects your Microsoft Teams to use or either Slack or Cisco Webex Teams and helps eliminate silos in your workplace and keep employees connected.

With Mio you can:

  • Share files and messages across multiple channels
  • Send direct messages from Teams to Slack /Cisco Webex Teams, and vice versa
  • Send file uploads across platform
  • Use emojis and GIFS as it users were all on one platform
  • Natively connect disparate teams without the need for a new app
Get started with Mio
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