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60+ Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts You Need To Know

Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts


60+ Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts You Need To Know

Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts

Ever wondered if Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts can actually make your life easier?

They can! But only if you know how they work.

And you clicked on the right link because this page has everything you need to know about how Microsoft Teams shortcuts work.

By the end of this post, you will:

  1. Understand what exactly Microsoft Teams shortcuts are
  2. Find out the top Teams keyboard shortcuts everyone should know
  3. Get troubleshooting help when your shortcut isn’t working

Let’s dive right in!

What are shortcuts in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams shortcuts are tools that grant you quicker access to the platform’s features, functions, or workflows.

Teams shortcuts can currently be considered exclusive to the desktop client and the Teams web app.

But contrary to what some people think, shortcuts, especially Microsoft Teams shortcuts, go beyond the scope of keyboard combinations.

There are three main ways you can get quick access to features or functions on Teams.

  1. Clickable icons

These are locations on the web app or desktop client with one-tap access to certain features like a pop-out button for your chat. . .

Microsoft Teams clickable icon

. . .or to start an instant meeting with a teammate.

Easily start a meeting using Microsoft Teams clickable icons
  1. Slash commands

Teams’ “slash commands” give you quick access to perform simple functions like going straight to a team or channel, updating your status, or even seeing all your mentions.

Slash commands on Microsoft Teams
  1. Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts trigger several functionalities in messaging, navigation, meetings and calling, debugging (yes, even debugging), and all-round team collaboration goodness.

Now that your appetite has been whetted, let’s jump into how to use these Teams shortcuts.

How do I use Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts?

Here’s how to use Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts, slash commands, and clickable icons to enable quick access on the platform.

  1. Clickable icons

Clicking these “entry points” will launch your desired feature or workflow.

For instance, clicking this little button. . .

The "pop out" button on Microsoft Teams

. . .will pop out a conversation so you can multitask.

Using clickable icons in Microsoft Teams
  1. Slash commands

You can use Microsoft Teams commands via the search bar. Type in the “/” symbol and you’ll see a list of functions you can access with just a click.

Microsoft Teams slash commands

These commands are available for everyone using Teams unless a particular command has its core feature disabled by your organization. For example, chat-based commands won’t work if chat is disabled in your organization.

  1. Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are the easiest form of Teams shortcuts to use as it involves zero cursor movement. All you need to do is click a combination of keys and the function, feature, or workflow is triggered.

A good example is Ctrl+Shift+U to start a video call.

But let’s be honest, the Teams keyboard shortcuts list is quite long and the trick is knowing the ones you’ll use often.

List of Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts

Here’s a comprehensive list of Microsoft Teams keyboard shortcuts divided into different categories based on function.

Teams basic shortcuts

ShortcutWindows ClientWindows WebmacOS ClientmacOS Web
Open keyboard shortcuts listCtrl+[.]Ctrl+[.]⌘+[.]⌘+[.]
Open SearchCtrl+ENone⌘+E⌘+E
Open “filter”Ctrl+Shift+FCtrl+Shift+F⌘+Shift+F⌘+Shift+F
Go to a team/channelCtrl+GCtrl+Shift+G⌘+G⌘+Shift+G
Open commands listCtrl+[/]Ctrl+[/]⌘+[/]⌘+[/]
Start a new chatCtrl+NLeft Alt+N⌘+NOption+N
Open HelpF1Ctrl+F1F1⌘+F1
Close EscEscEscEsc
Open SettingsCtrl+[,]Ctrl+Shift+[,]⌘+[,]⌘+[,]
Zoom outCtrl+[]None⌘+[]None
Zoom inCtrl+[=]None⌘+[=]None
Reset zoomCtrl+0None⌘+0None
Open app pop outCtrl+[`]Ctrl[`]None⌘+[`]

Teams messaging shortcuts

ShortcutWindows ClientWindows WebmacOS ClientmacOS Web
Open messaging boxAlt+Shift+CAlt+Shift+COption+Shift+COption+Shift+C
Send a messageCtrl+EnterCtrl+Enter⌘+Return⌘+Return
Start a new conversationCtrl+NAlt+NOption+Shift+COption+Shift+C
Expand messaging boxCtrl+Shift+XCtrl+Shift+X⌘+Shift+X⌘+Shift+X
Move to a new messaging lineShift+EnterShift+EnterShift+ReturnShift+Return
Tag a message as “important”Ctrl+Shift+ICtrl+Shift+INoneNone
Reply to threadAlt+Shift+RAlt+Shift+ROption+Shift+ROption+Shift+R
Search messages in current chat/channelCtrl+FCtrl+F⌘+F⌘+F
Attach a file to message(chat)NoneNoneOption+Shift+ONone
Attach a file to message (channel)NoneNone⌘+O⌘+Shift+O

Teams navigation shortcuts

ShortcutWindows ClientWindows WebmacOS ClientmacOS Web
Go to ActivityCtrl+1Ctrl+Shift+1⌘+1Control+Shift+1
Go to ChatCtrl+2Ctrl+Shift+2⌘+2Control+Shift+2
Go to TeamsCtrl+3Ctrl+Shift+3⌘+3Control+Shift+3
Go to CalendarCtrl+4Ctrl+Shift+4⌘+4Control+Shift+4
Go to CallsCtrl+5Ctrl+Shift+5⌘+5Control+Shift+5
Go to FilesCtrl+6Ctrl+Shift+6⌘+6Control+Shift+6
Go to next itemLeft Alt+↑Left Alt+↑Left Option+↑Left Option+↑
Go to previous itemLeft Alt+↓Left Alt+↓Left Option+↓Left Option+↓
Move specific team upCtrl+Shift+↑None⌘+Shift+↑None
Move specific team downCtrl+Shift+↓None⌘+Shift+↓None
Open navigation historyCtrl+Shift+HNone⌘+Shift+HNone
Go to next sectionCtrl+F6Ctrl+F6⌘+F6⌘+F6
Go to previous sectionCtrl+Shift+F6Ctrl+Shift+F6⌘+Shift+F6⌘+Shift+F6
Go to an open applicationCtrl+F6Ctrl+F6NoneNone

Teams calls & meetings shortcuts

ShortcutWindows ClientWindows WebmacOS ClientmacOS Web
Start audio callCtrl+Shift+CCtrl+Shift+C⌘+Shift+C⌘+Shift+C
Start video callCtrl+Shift+UCtrl+Shift+U⌘+Shift+U⌘+Shift+U
Accept audio callCtrl+Shift+SCtrl+Shift+S⌘+Shift+S⌘+Shift+S
Accept video callCtrl+Shift+ACtrl+Shift+A⌘+Shift+A⌘+Shift+A
Decline callCtrl+Shift+DCtrl+Shift+D⌘+Shift+D⌘+Shift+D
End callCtrl+Shift+HNone⌘+Shift+HNone
Temporarily unmuteCtrl+SPACECtrl+SPACEOption+SPACENone
Toggle muteCtrl+Shift+MCtrl+Shift+M⌘+Shift+M⌘+Shift+M
Toggle videoCtrl+Shift+ONone⌘+Shift+ONone
Start screen sharingCtrl+Shift+ECtrl+Shift+E⌘+Shift+ENone
Accept screen shareCtrl+Shift+ANone⌘+Shift+ANone
Decline screen shareCtrl+Shift+DNone⌘+Shift+DNone
Open sharing toolbarCtrl+Shift+SPACECtrl+Shift+SPACE⌘+Shift+SPACE⌘+Shift+SPACE
Raise/Lower your handsCtrl+Shift+KCtrl+Shift+K⌘+Shift+K⌘+Shift+K
Filter current listCtrl+Shift+FCtrl+Shift+FNoneNone
Admit participant from lobby notificationCtrl+Shift+YNone⌘+Shift+YNone
Open Background settings menuCtrl+Shift+PNone⌘+Shift+PNone
Schedule meetingAlt+Shift+NAlt+Shift+NOption+Shift+NOption+Shift+N
Join from “meeting details”Alt+Shift+JAlt+Shift+JOption+Shift+JOption+Shift+J
View dayCtrl+Alt+1Ctrl+Alt+1⌘+Option+1⌘+Option+1
View workweekCtrl+Alt+2Ctrl+Alt+2⌘+Option+2⌘+Option+2
View weekCtrl+Alt+3Ctrl+Alt+3⌘+Option+3⌘+Option+3
Jump to current timeAlt+[.]Alt+[.]Option+[.]Option+[.]
Jump to suggested timeAlt+Shift+SAlt+Shift+SOption+Shift+SOption+Shift+S
Jump to next day/weekCtrl+Alt+→Ctrl+Alt+→Control+Option+→Control+Option+→
Jump to previous day/weekCtrl+Alt+←Ctrl+Alt+←Control+Option+←Control+Option+←
Save/send meeting requestCtrl+SCtrl+S⌘+S⌘+S

Teams debugging shortcuts

ShortcutWindows ClientWindows WebmacOS ClientmacOS Web
Download diagnostic logsCtrl+Alt+Shift+1Ctrl+Alt+Shift+1⌘+Option+Shift+1None

It’s a lot.

But when in doubt, Ctrl+[.] or ⌘+[.] to open and browse the entire keyboard shortcuts list is probably the most important Microsoft Teams shortcut you’ll need to know.

You can also access the entire list:

  1. Click the Settings and more () button, and click Keyboard shortcuts
  2. Access slash commands by clicking Ctrl+E, type /keys, and hit Enter

Why are my keyboard shortcuts not working in Teams?

If your keyboard shortcuts are not working on Microsoft Teams, there are several solutions you can try:

  1. Try logging in on your web app to see if the shortcuts work there. If the shortcuts work on the Teams web app, update your desktop app.
  2. If it’s a specific shortcut (e.g a chat shortcut) that seems to not be working, confirm that it hasn’t been turned off by the organization.
  3. Clear your Teams client cache files for Windows or macOS by following the steps here.
  4. If all else fails, reach out to the Microsoft Community. You may find that your problem has already been addressed. But if it hasn’t, explain to the community (preferably with a picture of the error code while hiding sensitive info), and employees, agents, independent advisors, and other members of the community will provide a solution.

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