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Mio Product Updates – v1.8

Mio Updates July 18, 2018
Mio latest product updates
Jacob Ross


Mio Product Updates – v1.8

New features and updates in Mio as of version 1.8

This messaging product update is a special one and deserves a bit of context.

Since our launch this Spring, we have been working with many different types of Mio beta users in the messaging world. As it turns out, there’s a lot of applications for cross-platform messaging, especially in large companies where collaboration is essential. Departments and regional teams frequently use different chat apps within the same company. For example, Engineering teams often use Slack, but Sales and customer-facing roles might use Cisco Webex Teams.

In order for a Sales person to ask engineering a question, they’d resort back to email, or have to constantly monitor their Slack and Webex Teams apps (and all the notifications that come with them!). In some cases employees would create their own accounts on non-approved tech. All of this leads to productivity loss and communication friction for the company…on top of multiple headaches for IT leaders concerned about security and compliance, too.

These considerations led us to release our latest batch of Mio product features, which focus on enabling cross-platform messaging between employees who use Slack & other employees who use Webex Teams.

We’re helping teams collaborate in a way they never could before, without employees having to manage multiple chat apps.

Ok, now on to the updates!

What’s new in version 1.8

1. Mio Organizations

For IT and Unified Communication managers within companies, we’ve created an easy way to group and manage multiple chat accounts: Mio Organizations. To create your own organization, head over to our admin getting started guide.

Once logged in, you’ll find a web dashboard which contains people and channel directories.

Organization URL

Mio organizations have a dedicated “company.m.io” url that can always be accessed after an admin first logs in and creates your organization. Here’s how our company’s organization page appears to new team members:

Message.io before logging in

Organization Dashboard

Once logged in to your organization’s Mio URL, we’ve launched a full web dashboard experience for companies to get the most out of Mio. Typically you won’t need to use this after first setup, but it’s always there if you need to find a person or channel you’ve lost track of in your chat app, invite or create a new channel, or change your profile settings.

Mio Dashboard Key Features

People Directory

People directory

With the People Directory, you can search for anyone in your organization and kick off conversations with them, no matter which chat platform they use.

Here are the key features of the People Directory:

  • OPEN buttons reopen existing direct messaging by deeplinking you directly into your preferred chat platform.
  • CHAT buttons will launch new direct messaging for the first time.
  • INVITE someone to your organization if you don’t see the person in the directory yet.

    Invite anyone to chat from Mio’s Dashboard

If you use Slack as your primary chat account, you can leverage the power of the People Directory right within Slack by using the  /mio menu command. Find other employees in the directory and initiate or open a DM with them, or invite any other email to chat.

People directory in Slack DM with @mio bot

Channel Directory

Similar to our People Directory, the Channel Directory lets you search for any publicly-listed channels in your organization, no matter if they were created in a chat platform you don’t use.

Here are the key features of the Channel Directory:

  • OPEN buttons reopen an existing channel by deeplinking you directly into it within your preferred chat platform.
  • JOIN buttons will launch new direct messaging for the first time.
  • ADD Create a new channel and invite any members to it from the web.
The new Channel Directory

Employees using Slack can stay in chat and simply DM the Mio bot using /mio menu to see the Channel Directory. Clicking on a channel will join or open it in Slack.

Channel directory in Slack DM

2. Introducing Linked Accounts

If you’ve been struggling to manage notifications from multiple chat accounts, this is the feature for you. With Mio Linked Accounts, you can set your Primary chat account and link additional secondary accounts to be relayed to your primary. This feature enables messaging, files, DMs, spaces, channels, etc to all get relayed to one single chat account that you prefer using, all in real-time.

Sounds like magic, right? Here’s a video that shows the end experience working between two employees using different chat apps, if you’re interested.

LinkedIn Accounts in the Mio Dashboard

3. Cross-Platform Messaging Improvements

We’ve added the following cross-platform messaging translation updates and improvements:

  • Threaded Slack messages fallback for Webex Teams
  • Native @Mentions support
  • Editing of messages across platforms
  • Various image format types can be uploaded
  • Text formatting support (bold, italics, etc.)
  • Emojis and Slack Reactions translation
  • GIPHY bot delivers GIFs from Slack to Webex Teams

4. New Mio Bot Commands for Slack & Webex Teams

The following commands work in both Slack and Webex Teams, allowing you to invoke features of your web dashboard:

  • /members – shows all members in the channel or space
  • /chat – invite anyone to direct chat
  • /add – invokes your organization’s People directory to add a new member to your channel or space
  • /mio menu – channel menu (when in a space/channel) and/or the people directory when used in a DM with the Mio bot

    New Mio Bot Commands for Slack & Webex Teams
New Mio Bot Commands for Slack & Webex Teams
Prompt in Slack when /chat command is used
Verification message after /chat is used
/add – invokes your organization’s People directory to add a new member to your channel or space
New Mio Bot Commands for Slack & Webex Teams
New Mio Bot Commands for Slack & Webex Teams
New Mio Bot Commands for Slack & Webex Teams

Upcoming Features — Stay tuned!

  • MSFT Teams – Due to popular demand, we’re rapidly working on our support for Microsoft Teams. Here’s a sneak peak and if you’re interested in being a pilot partner, we would love more beta testers this quarter!
  • Bulk setup for organizations – quickly set up your team for Mio. We’re removing the previous manual authorization process and replacing the first setup experience with an API-driven process to save you time and effort.
  • Cross platform calling – the ability to launch a Webex meeting room regardless of the chat platform the recipient is using is top on our list.

Get Started with Mio

We’d love to hear what you think – it’s free today to get started with a Pilot program.
Here’s some initial ways to learn more and get started:

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