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Mio v3 is here! New UI for admins to sync Slack, Microsoft, and Webex Teams

Mio Updates April 29, 2019
Product Updates

Mio v3 is here! New UI for admins to sync Slack, Microsoft, and Webex Teams

Product updates

The all-new Mio Control Hub for IT admins has been in design and development phase over the last few months. After extensive feedback, we are delighted to launch the next generation of Mio. The new UI and features in v3 will make it easier for admins to configure and sync their teams. It will also provide deeper insights into multi-vendor messaging environments across Slack, Cisco Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams.


Within the new Hub, you’ll quickly find access to all main features on the lefthand navigation:

Mio Control Hub
Mio Control Hub – Dashboard
  • Dashboard: displays overview stats
  • Manage Teams: add and authorize new teams to enable syncing
  • Team Sync: connect your individual channels across teams, or an entire team’s channels
  • People Sync: prompt people to sync their primary platform for a seamless messaging experience
  • Channelytics: monitor data for synced channels
  • My Organization: manage your organization’s profile and contact information

Let’s walk through what’s new…

Onboarding in Mio v3

Track & save your progress

The latest version of Mio introduces a new onboarding format which tracks progress as you move through each step. As you complete information in each step, you see an indicator of what you have completed, and what is left to complete. As you move along the process, Mio now autosaves progress as you go.

Simplified Mio onboarding UI
Simplified Mio onboarding UI

Add collaborators

Within the onboarding interface, you can now add a collaborator for additional admins to view and help with the onboarding process. This is ideal for teams with different owners for Slack, Webex Teams, and/or Microsoft Teams.

Once registered for Mio, admins will receive an email containing a unique URL for your Mio account.

Create Service Accounts & Platform Apps

We’ve simplified the UI to make creating your instance of Mio a swifter process.

Once you’re done filling in the details, you just need to hit review and submit to complete your onboarding. Once approved, you’ll soon have access to your Mio Control Hub.

New features for Team Sync

Sync one, many, or all channels in your team in a single interface

Within the new Team Sync section, you begin by simply selecting two teams you’d like to sync. You can then sync all channels within them in one go, or come back to select more later. Once synced, message interoperability is created across channels and spaces.

Team Sync
Team Sync

Add a channel to another platform with ➡️

When a channel exists in one messaging app, but not the other, you can now sync it easily. Simply use the ➡️ feature to add the existing channel into the other chat platform. If a name already exists, Mio even flags a query so there is no overlap.

Two ways to sync channels within Team sync

Connect existing channels across platforms with 🔄

When the channels you’d like to sync already exist in both platforms, Mio now enables you to connect them with the click of a button.

Let’s say you want to connect a UX channel in Teams to a Design channel in Slack, that’s the perfect time to use this new feature within Team Sync.

Add channels across platforms or connect existing channels
Add channels across platforms or connect existing channels

Future Sync

As part of the final step in Team sync, we’ve included an option called Future Sync. Rather than returning to the Mio Hub each time an employee creates a new channel, space or team, future sync automatically syncs the new channel by adding it ( ➡️) to the other platform.

Future Sync
Future Sync

Future Sync is an optional setting that can be toggled on and off for your convenience.

New Search feature

Mio v3 includes a new search feature for enterprises with lots of channels. Just type the name of the channel you are looking for, and complete your sync within search.

Searching within team sync

New features for People Sync

People Sync allows admins to prompt employees to set their preferred primary chat platform so that direct messages from secondary platforms can be routed and posted natively.

Toggle auto-prompt to turn on in People Sync
People Sync in the Mio Control Hub

The new UI displays a quick assessment of each person’s sync status. Admins can then take action to prompt individuals, a group, or an entire team in bulk. You can read more about People Sync here.

Auto Prompt

When the new auto-prompt feature is enabled in People Sync, admins do not need to individually prompt users.

Instead, your Mio app or service user account will send a triggered prompt message to the user when they attempt to DM with a synced colleague.


The new Channelytics feature provides insights about your synced channel activity and engagement.


Drilling into a channel shows log-level information, in case you’re curious about active users and most recent activity. Expect to see more improvements to channelytics later this year.

That’s it!

We hope admins enjoy the new features and user experience in Mio v3.

For clarity, all the scenarios detailed in this product update are available across all combinations supported by Mio (Slack, Webex Teams & Microsoft Teams).

🤖 Thanks for reading! Be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions, and don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn & Twitter. Also, be sure to follow the latest enterprise messaging news on the Dispatch blog!

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