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Preview of Mio for Microsoft Teams [VIDEO UPDATE!]

Mio Updates September 27, 2018


Preview of Mio for Microsoft Teams [VIDEO UPDATE!]

As Microsoft Teams is our most requested platform by customers, we wanted to share a progress update and a new video of Mio in action.

Our team is currently actively developing cross-platform messaging for Microsoft Teams to Slack. As a recap, the Mio product for Webex Teams & Slack delivers these native cross-platform features:

  • Direct Messages
  • Channels/Spaces
  • File/Image Uploads
  • Emoji Reactions
  • Threaded Messages
  • @ Mentions
  • Editing/Deleting Messages
  • Rich Text Formatting

Below outlines all cross-platform messaging features Mio will enable for each platform:

Now let’s dive in to some specifics!

Microsoft Teams & Slack Interoperability Progress:

1. Private and group chats in Microsoft Teams map to DM’s & channels in Slack

Whether you’re starting a quick conversation with a colleague, or pulling together a team in a channel to answer questions, we’re going all in on full interoperability for Microsoft Teams conversations with Slack participants. This end-to-end chat user experience is native, seamless, and refined by our beta testers.

2. Entity detection = native @ mention support across Slack and Microsoft Teams

We deliver native @ mentioning between Slack & Microsoft Teams users. Specifically, when a Slack user @ mentions a colleague who primarily uses Microsoft Teams, we natively mention that user within Microsoft Teams.

3. Edit / delete for chat between Slack & Microsoft Teams

When a Microsoft Teams user edits their message, the message will instantly update in Slack, and vice versa.

4. File Uploads from Microsoft Teams into Slack (and vice versa!)

This is a big feature that we’re very proud to offer! From XLS to CSV, PNG to PSD, multiple users receive files natively within the conversation.

5. SSO Integration

SSO support is built per provider, starting with Okta. We’re excited to work with our pilot customers and their iDP providers as we expand the offering.

6. Channels in Sync across Microsoft Teams & Slack

Cross platform channels are supported across Webex, Slack, and now Microsoft Teams. This is critical for cross-department teams working on projects together.

That’s the update!
If you have questions, want to see a demo, or want to get on our beta list for Microsoft Teams & Slack, feel free reach out by scheduling a time here: Schedule a demo

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