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Our top 12 moments in 2018 while creating Mio for Slack, Webex & Microsoft Teams

Blog December 18, 2018
Mio 2018
Dominic Kent


Our top 12 moments in 2018 while creating Mio for Slack, Webex & Microsoft Teams

Mio 2018

It’s been a banner year for Mio and for the collaboration platforms we’ve built on (Slack, Microsoft Teams & Webex Teams). As this year comes to a close, we’re looking back at the key industry events and company milestones that defined our year.

1. Mio launches for Slack and Cisco Spark

It’s incredible that only nine months ago we officially launched on Product Hunt.

Product Hunt Product Hunt

Mio CEO, Tom Hadfield, officially unveiled Mio to kick off our universal messaging mission. Initially aimed at users of Slack, Atlassian Stride and Cisco Spark, our product has since evolved in response to changes in the industry. Mio now integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Teams.


Mio was selected as a finalist in the 2018 SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event on March 10 and 11 in the Enterprise & Smart Data Technology category. This was our first public appearance, following our online launch on Product Hunt.

We did the Capital Factory Startup Crawl – a celebration of technology and entrepreneurship in Austin through a pub crawl experience.

SXSW 2018

3. Cisco Collaboration Summit

We headed to our first enterprise conference to show our Slack <> Spark interop product with an internal enterprise use case of syncing team chat.

We secured some great contacts and even some nice shout outs like the one below from Rowan Trollope.Rowan Trollope tweet

It was also here that Cisco announced the rebrand of Spark to Webex Teams.

4. Cisco Spark becomes Cisco Webex Teams

What looked like a simple rebrand, with an extremely similar name to Microsoft Teams, turned out to be a completely new way for Cisco customers to call, meet and chat. With the two platforms converging, everything is now powered by Webex. Cisco Spark users quickly got used to the upgraded design and started to make use of advanced analytics and video and content meetings. Later on in the year, Cisco announced that the BroadSoft capability has now been embedded into Cisco Webex Teams, to further bolster the calling capabilities. BroadCloud Calling now enables cloud-based calling in Webex Teams.

Cisco Spark becomes Cisco Webex Teams
Cisco Spark becomes Cisco Webex Teams

5. Cisco Live

Mio CEO, Tom Hadfield showcased Mio to users of Webex Teams and Slack at Cisco Live in June. We also used this opportunity to sit in on some great Webex Teams and collaboration sessions and networked with some really cool Cisco partners.

Tom also talked to Michelle Burbick who featured us in a Getting Collaboration On at Cisco Live article.

Cisco Live

6. Microsoft Teams launches a free version

Microsoft Teams became available as a free offering in July. Cited as ideal for businesses with fewer than 300 users, the free version introduced a huge range of features, including unlimited chat and search, audio and video calling, 10GB file storage and 140 app integrations. Whilst Microsoft didn’t confirm this was a direct move to attract Slack users, it did look a little like a “Slack Microsoft Teams.”

Later on this month, Microsoft officially confirmed Slack was now on the Microsoft competitor list.

Microsoft Teams free
Microsoft Teams free

7. The messaging wars heat up

Following Atlassian’s capitulation to Slack, Wired ran a feature suggesting that the messaging wars were over. Slack had won. Mio CEO Tom Hadfield had other ideas. His blog suggested this was, in fact, just the start of the enterprise chat wars.

“We’re only on episode 5 of 20 in The Game of Messaging Thrones. Slack’s acquisition of Hipchat and Stride is more like an intriguing plot twist than the long-awaited season finale. We should all settle in with our popcorn bowls because – with the arrival of Microsoft, Google and Cisco on Slack’s home turf – things are about to get even more heated.”

Messaging wars
Messaging wars

8. Mio’s Microsoft Teams beta begins

Microsoft Teams was our most requested platform by customers. September saw VP of Product, Chris Traganos, reveal a preview of Mio working with Microsoft Teams. This new functionality enables users to sync channels, DMs and file sharing between Slack and Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams.

9. SpiceWorld

In October, we demonstrated our messaging interoperability solution for Slack & Webex Teams in the Startup Zone. We enjoyed networking with fellow IT pros about how they utilize their chat platforms. There was a lot of attention around Slack and Microsoft Teams interoperability.

Spice World

10. A new look for Mio

At the end of October, something major happened. We dropped the . from M.io and officially became Mio. Along with dropping the dot, we dropped a new logo and a new look. The new logo was launched and our M.io main site had a total revamp. We also made this awesome GIF.

11. Mio v2 arrives

In November, we were hugely proud that we could announce Mio v2. Boasting a dedicated environment for each customer, Mio v2 enables more admin controls, new dedicated Mio Hub environment and a new UX – more seamless than ever!

Mio DM across Slack and Cisco Webex Teams
Mio DM across Slack and Cisco Webex Teams

12. Mio now available on Cisco SolutionsPlus

Mio became globally available on Cisco SolutionsPlus, meaning Cisco’s customers, channel partners and sales teams can now purchase Mio through Cisco’s Global Price List (GPL), streamlining contract ordering and commission to Cisco partners and sales teams.

Mio CEO, Tom Hadfield, commented on the partnership:

“Our partnership allows us to better serve enterprise customers who use Cisco Webex Teams alongside other messaging applications like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Cisco has a longstanding commitment to interoperability and we’re delighted to be working with them to create a federated messaging ecosystem.”

Cisco SolutionsPlus
Cisco SolutionsPlus
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