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Connect Slack and Microsoft Teams DMs

Insights January 11, 2019
Connect Slack and Microsoft Teams DMs


Connect Slack and Microsoft Teams DMs

Connect Slack and Microsoft Teams DMs

Direct messaging is crucial functionality in both Slack and Microsoft Teams.

But, if your business uses both Slack and Microsoft Teams then direct messaging becomes less direct. Slack users can DM each other. Microsoft Teams users can DM each other. But, when a Slack user wants to reach out to a Microsoft Teams user, it’s a case of having to manage both apps at the same time. Or, signing out of Slack, signing into Microsoft Teams and resetting your password because you forgot it. And, that’s if you have both accounts. If you don’t, you can’t send a direct message at all.

It doesn’t have to be so doom and gloom, though.

Mio for Slack and Microsoft Teams

Mio is the simple and effective solution for syncing your direct messages across chat platforms into the platform you prefer. With Mio, you can see your Slack messages in Teams, share files between both, edit messages, send emojis, GIFs, and more.

Our app integration solutions connects the APIs of your messaging clients on Slack and Microsoft Teams, to keep conversations in sync.

So, how do you use Mio?

Step 1 – get Mio for Slack and Microsoft Teams

Start by visiting the Mio website and clicking on the button in the right-hand corner that says, “Get Started”.

Get Started
Get Started

After you’ve filled in your details, our sales team will be in touch to provide you with your own Mio hub. When you’re ready to take the next step, go back to the Mio website to create your hub.

When you get to the page below, enter your:

·         Your company name

·         The subdomain name for your Mio hub

·         Your primary email address

·         Your Slack and Microsoft Teams accounts

Step 2 – team authorization

When your hub is ready, you can decide which chat accounts you want to connect through Mio. For example, you might want to keep your engineering teams connected regardless whether they’re on Slack or Microsoft Teams, so you’d add them both to your Mio account.

You might even decide to have all your public channels running through Mio – it’s completely up to you.

Mio will take the information you’ve given about your accounts, and join the channels in your groups, obtaining information like user tokens and names in the process (so your employees can see who their messages are coming from).

Slack Microsoft Teams sync

Step 3 – routing your messages

When your accounts are successfully connected to Mio, we use our state-of-the-art software to collect user DMs as API events. Mio will then translate each message into the correct data format, so it can appear on the platform your employees are using.

Mio then takes the translated information and sends it straight to the correct employee, with no need to switch between tools.

You can even use Mio to @Mention, or send files through Slack to Microsoft Teams, and vice versa!

It’s the perfect way to make sure that everyone stays connected on the platforms that are best for them!

Linking direct messages across platform

Manage your DMs instantly with Mio

Why worry about communication silos and complex team messaging strategies when you could simplify your strategy with one simple tool?

Mio integrates your messaging platforms quickly, to put the direct back into direct messaging.

Start your Mio experience today and learn more about syncing Slack and Microsoft Teams with this simple video!

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