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How To Connect Slack Channels with Webex Teams Spaces

Blog How We Chat November 28, 2018
How To Connect Slack Channels with Webex Teams Spaces
Joe Beutler


How To Connect Slack Channels with Webex Teams Spaces

How To Connect Slack Channels with Webex Teams Spaces

Are you striving for unified communication in your company, but can’t seem to decide on Cisco Webex Teams or Slack as the single messaging tool everyone uses?

Maybe you’ve used the Cisco stack for some time now, but a different group of employees in another department feel more comfortable on Slack.

Perhaps you’ve always used Slack, but you’re onboarding new people who prefer Webex?

Whatever the situation, you’ve got a deadlock on your hands. Welcome to the collaboration challenge we see from our customers every day.

Why not just switch everyone to one chat platform?

If only it were so simpleā€¦

Plenty of companies assume the easiest way to prevent information overload is by pushing everyone onto the same platform. The problem? Employees have different use-cases for chat.

Plus, people don’t like being told which tool to use. Your employees feel a sense of loyalty towards the technology they rely on each day.

The good news? There’s an easy option.

How to connect Webex Teams and Slack using Mio

Mio is the answer to the problems of shadow messaging, siloed communication and multiple collaboration tools. With Mio, you can sync all your collaboration channels across Slack, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex Teams.

Now everyone can use the tool of their choice, without switching between apps, resulting in lost productivity.

Step 1: Setting up your Mio Hub

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A Mio rep will be in touch to set up your Mio Hub, the admin tool for Mio. The Mio hub quickly syncs all spaces and channels across all messaging platforms your organization uses. Once you’re up and running, you can do this in five minutes!

Step 2: Entering your Hub information

You’ll need some information on hand to setup your hub.

Make a note of:

  • Crucial business details
  • Mio subdomain name choice
  • Primary contact email addresses
  • Necessary service accounts (for Webex and Slack)
Mio Service Accounts
Mio Service Accounts

Step 3: Turning on Channel Sync

Once your service accounts are installed, you’ll be able to turn Mio channel sync.

Channel sync allows Mio admins to make public Slack channels appear as spaces on Webex Teams, and Webex Teams spaces appear as channels for Slack users.

It’s the easiest way to create a cohesive conversation that runs perfectly in any chat environment.

Channel Sync between Slack and Cisco Webex Teams
Channel Sync between Slack and Cisco Webex Teams

When Channel Sync is turned on, you’ll be able to:

  •         Search for Webex spaces in your Slack channel directory
  •         Join a Webex Teams space while staying in the Slack app
  •         Maintain a group conversation across all spaces and channels
  •         Edit and delete messages which sync across platform
  •         Share files on Slack with Webex Team users

Connect Webex Teams and Slack with Mio!

Maintaining a successful environment for unified communication and collaboration in your workforce doesn’t have to mean dealing with endless shadow security problems, or pushing everyone into the same app.

With Mio, you can quickly sync all your team chat apps so employees can continue using the tools they love most.

Find out more about what you can accomplish with our interoperability solution today by checking out our demo video.

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