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Spacebot: Bots of Microsoft Teams

Integrations May 24, 2017


Spacebot: Bots of Microsoft Teams

You know NASA’s astronomy image of the day? Of course you do. It’s easily one of NASA’s most popular websites. And you’re in luck — you can check out the astronomy image of the day right from Teams.

But Spacebot’s cool features aren’t just limited to showing you the astronomy picture of the day. It can also return a random APOD (using the command @spacebot apod random) or the APOD from a specific day (using the command @spacebot apod yyyy-mm-dd).

And, even better — you can check out most recent images from the three Mars Exploration Rovers — Curiosity, Spirit, and Opportunity.


And, if you can’t remember the commands (because there are a lot of cool ways to get picture and rover info) just send Spacebot a message with help, and it’ll throw back a list of all the features.

Ready to get started? You can add Spacebot to your Microsoft Teams right here.

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Coming soon — more of the Microsoft Team bots! Is there a bot you’d like to see on Teams? Let us know on Twitter! 🤖

(Want to reach more users and expand your bot to more platforms? We’re in beta! Visit our sign-up.)

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