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Use the Mio Hub to sync Slack Channels with Webex Spaces

Blog August 27, 2019
How to sync Slack channels with Webex spaces
Joe Beutler


Use the Mio Hub to sync Slack Channels with Webex Spaces

How to sync Slack channels with Webex spaces

Struggling to get your Slack and Webex Teams users in sync?

If you’ve got users on both Slack and Cisco Webex Teams, then you could be facing some serious silos in your workplace communication.

Luckily, we’re here to help. 

Here’s how you can sync Slack channels with Webex Teams spaces and remove the gaps in your messaging strategy once and for all.

Start in the Mio Hub

The Mio Hub is the starting point when connecting your Slack and Webex Teams accounts.

Click here or hit the Request Demo button at the bottom of this post to arranges access to your own Mio Hub.

This easy-to-use environment will give you insights into team-wide interoperability for your team. 

The Mio Hub dashboard looks like this:

Mio Dashboard for syncing Slack and Webex Teams

To get started in the Mio Hub, follow these simple instructions:

  • Log in with your primary chat account
Login with primary chat platform
  • Add your organization details, including the chat platforms you wish to sync
  • From here, create service accounts to enable channel creation and invites to your users
Create your instance of Mio for Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • Next, follow the steps to create your instance of Mio on your platforms
  • Check everything is correct then complete your setup

You’re setup, so how does the Mio Hub work?

The Mio Hub is your control panel for collaboration app syncing and alignment. 

Within the Hub, you can see a dashboard which offers quick insights into Channels Synced, People Synced, Channel Activity, and People Activity: 

Mio Dashboard

Team Sync

Click on the Team Sync button, and you can create new syncs between individual channels across teams or sync an entire team’s channel in Slack or Cisco Webex Teams. 

Team sync allows you to sync channels in Slack and Webex Teams

When you click on the Team Sync button in your Mio Hub, you’ll be able to connect the conversations between your Slack channels and Webex spaces. 

Syncing channels between Slack and Webex Teams

Syncing channels works for one or multiple Slack channels or Webex spaces.

You can even sync private channels and spaces

In the Team Sync section, if you add or connect a private Slack channel with Cisco Webex Teams, this creates a moderated space outside of your Team in Webex Teams. 

If you join a moderated space in Cisco Webex Teams with Slack, this creates a private channel in Slack. 

The first invited member to a private space or channel will need to be synced before inviting non-synced colleagues. 

In both public and private scenarios, when a conversation starts on one end, it will appear live on the other hand in real-time, keeping all of your staff connected. 

Why we built it:

For companies with tens/hundreds/thousands of channels and spaces across Slack and Webex, there’s a real need for all public conversations to be listed and available.

Once Team Sync is activated, it’s easy for any employee to natively find, join, and invite members.

People Sync

Click on the People Sync button to prompt people to sync their primary platform for a more streamlined messaging experience between channels.

People sync prompts users to sync their primary platform - either Slack or Webex Teams

Once people are synced, users can send messages from their primary platform to users on your secondary platform.

For example, if a user chooses Slack as their primary platform, their messages will be delivered to their colleagues using Webex Teams.

Managing your synced teams

Once you’re setup, use the left-hand menu to administer your teams.

Mio menu

Here you can do a number of things to administer your synced Slack channels and Webex spaces.

  • Manage your teams; add and authorize new and existing teams so they achieve interoperability between Slack and Webex Teams
Add and authorize team members across Slack and Webex Teams
  • Review channelytics; here you can check up on the usage between synced channels. First, select the channel – we’ll use budget-planning in the below example.
Channelytics overview for Slack and Webex Teams
  • You will then be presented with analytics on the usage within this particular channel. Here, you can see how many messages were sent across platform and by which users.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you are ready to go. Your business messaging will start to look something like this:

Do you feel like you’re now ready to sync your teams and cure workplace silos once and for all?

Mio keeps your teams aligned, regardless of whether they prefer Slack or Cisco Webex Teams.

With the easy-to-use admin interface, you’ll have no problem connecting your workers on every channel. 

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