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Enterprise Messaging News Round Up #29

October 18, 2018 Industry News 0 Comments

Slack’s employees have revealed why the company has avoided adding end-to-end encryption to its app. Cisco celebrates Webex being back in action. Microsoft Teams has welcomed Confluence integration to their service, and Google is changing the way it’s users manage messages. Let’s take a look at the biggest stories we’ve seen so far. Slack Says ...

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Enterprise Chat News Round Up #24

September 13, 2018 Industry News 0 Comments

Welcome back to your latest round of news updates from the enterprise chat world. This week, we’ve seen apologies from Atlassian, the future of Slack and some accolades for Cisco too! Here are the most significant announcements from this week. Cisco Named a Leader in 3 Gartner Magic Quadrant Reports For the enterprise chat space, ...

How we use Atlassian Stride

October 6, 2017 How We Chat 0 Comments

An inside look at how our team is using the new collaboration app from Atlassian 🎟 Get early access for Stride at signup.stride.com Our team converting chat into action through Atlassian Stride 🤘 At Summit 2017, Atlassian publicly announced their flagship contender in the enterprise chat platform space, Stride. As a team that obsesses daily over ...

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Enterprise Chat News Roundup #6

September 15, 2017 Industry News 0 Comments

This week was a jam packed full of conference news and platform announcements in the enterprise chat space! Some of the Message.io team was on the ground in SF, so if you weren’t able to make it, be sure to catch up on the roll-up below. 1- Slack & Atlassian Conference Highlights: Slack’s Shared Channels, ...

Enterprise Chat Conference Coverage — Day 2 at Slack Frontiers & Atlassian Summit

September 14, 2017 Community 0 Comments

By now you probably know that Message.io enables enterprise bots to work everywhere. Well, we definitely felt the “everywhere” aspect today, needing to be at two major enterprise conferences at the same time. Slack’s Platform Team Announcements Um… You had us at Platform. 😍 But seriously — If Slack’s opening day was all about leaping into the ...