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Mio for Microsoft Teams [Video Update]

March 6, 2019 Mio Updates 0 Comments

In the early stages of Mio, Microsoft Teams was the most requested platform. Below is a video update of Microsoft Teams working with Slack! Mio now fully supports cross-platform messaging for Microsoft Teams to Slack. As a recap, the Mio product for Webex Teams & Slack delivers these native cross-platform features: Direct Messages Channels/Spaces File/Image ...

Shadow IT

Shadow IT in enterprise messaging apps

February 6, 2019 Blog How We Chat 20 Comments

Since writing this article in July 2018, every conversation I have had with an IT professional has mentioned shadow IT and shadow messaging. With everyone using their own mobile devices, the door is open to a wider range of ways to message each other. Enterprises should be aware of the complexities involved when it comes ...

Workplace Messaging: Past, Present & Future 2017 -2022

September 27, 2018 Blog 2 Comments

Today, knowledge workers spend around 14% of their week communicating and collaborating internally, via a form of workplace messaging app. In 2017, only 19.4% of companies were using messaging tools like Slack, Cisco Webex Teams and Microsoft Teams to keep their employees connected. Now, in 2018, that percentage has increased to 27.1%. As organizations continue to share ...