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Enterprise messaging corner – Slack block kit and more Skype to Teams

Here you’ll find the weekly happenings in enterprise messaging – covering what Mio, Slack, Cisco and Microsoft have all been up to. Slack Decision making Slack featured a blog around mastering decision making as a group this week. Included in here was a stat from McKinsey who found that 72% of senior executives thought their companies made bad decisions ...

Messaging apps and the war for talent

How messaging apps impact the war for talent

November 9, 2018 Community Insights 4 Comments

There’s an interesting correlation between the war for talent and collaboration apps like Webex, Slack and Microsoft Teams. If you’re not using them, you could be losing key talent. As technology has progressed, the war for talent has seen a new edge. We’re talking about employee and interviewee empowerment. The war for talent is a term ...