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Interoperability in 2022 will Drive Better Collaboration

In collaboration IT, interoperability usually happens when competitors work together. When two competing systems work together, without regard to brand name, the end user’s outcome then becomes the same. This is crucial for collaboration to enable, well, genuine collaboration. Lack of interoperability in collaborative businesses creates communication silos, friction, and often leads to what we’ve ...

Integrate Slack Jabber Webex

Can You Really Combine Cisco Jabber, Slack, and Webex?

Cisco recently announced businesses can now connect Cisco Jabber to the Webex cloud. This new hybrid solution for communication is excellent for companies making a gradual migration to Webex and start benefiting from additional Webex productivity tools. This all seems great, until you realise you have users that have both Slack and Jabber. Organizations using ...

Cisco Webex vs Slack

Cisco Webex vs Slack

Comparing Cisco Webex vs Slack is still a massively hot topic. In fact, it’s been a hot topic since Cisco announced Spark was becoming Webex. This seemed the perfect option for Spark users requiring Slack-like functionality. However, comparing the two doesn’t really solve the problem most of us face today.  It’s one thing moving from ...