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Webex virtual background

How To Add Virtual Backgrounds On Webex

In this post, we’ll show you how to add virtual backgrounds on Webex in just a few simple steps. First up, you’ll need to join your Webex meeting. Either start a new meeting from your Webex app or join a scheduled meeting. You can do this from Webex directly or via your email app. When ...

Abhay Kulkarni

The New Webex App With Abhay Kulkarni

Abhay Kulkarni is the Senior Vice President and General Manager for Webex App. He’s responsible for the clients, back end, and media services, and his P/L reporting lies within the Webex Meetings part of the Cisco Webex collaboration suite. As Webex has recently integrated Webex Meetings and Webex Teams into a single unified app, I ...

Webex features

10 Webex Features You Must Turn On

Webex features are coming thick and fast as the video conferencing and messaging world has been accelerated due to the pandemic, digital transformation, and the new generations entering the workplace. In this post, we’ll introduce the latest Webex features, provide you the entire feature list, and have rounded up 10 features that are absolute must-haves. ...

Connect Zoom and Webex

How to Connect Zoom and Cisco Webex in 2022

Want to connect Zoom and Cisco Webex users in your team? Cisco provides future-proof technology built by a company with a heritage in communication.  Zoom makes video more accessible, whether you’re connecting with employees or contractors.  No wonder it’s hard to choose between the two.  The good news? You don’t have to. This post details ...

Team collaboration software

Bingo! Team Collaboration Software Edition

Finding the best team collaboration tools can be a chore. Most organizations end up with many team collaboration software options due to user preference or inherited app from mergers and acquisitions. As collaboration tools for business spiral out of control, we’ve created our version of an old classic – conference call bingo! Print it, save ...