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Webex competitors

10 Webex Competitors Worth Checking Out

When evaluating Webex competitors, wouldn’t it make life easier if they were all compiled in one place? Well, look no further! Okay, look a little further down the page as we’ve put together 10 genuine Webex competitors. As experts in the collaboration space, we’ve tried and tested hundreds of collaboration apps. In this post, we’ve ...

Brad Bonin Cisco SaaS

Bringing Cisco SaaS To Life With Brad Bonin

Brad Bonin is the VP of Systems Engineering for Global Collaboration Sales at Cisco where he’s spent the last 20+ years across various sales engineering roles. His experience includes: Collaboration Routing and switching 4G/5G Security CCIE #4454 His team has expertise in the areas of cloud SaaS services including contact center, calling, meetings, messaging, CPaaS, ...

Abhay Kulkarni

The New Webex App With Abhay Kulkarni

Abhay Kulkarni is the Senior Vice President and General Manager for Webex App. He’s responsible for the clients, back end, and media services, and his P/L reporting lies within the Webex Meetings part of the Cisco Webex collaboration suite. As Webex has recently integrated Webex Meetings and Webex Teams into a single unified app, I ...

Webex Partner Ecosystem Justin Ramirez

Webex Partner Ecosystem With Justin Ramirez

Justin Ramirez is the Systems Engineering Director and Leader of the Worldwide Collaboration Center of Excellence at Cisco. You may know Justin from previous business development roles where he has been responsible for building and growing the Webex integration partner ecosystem. As his new role takes the program established over the past decade to new ...

External federation problems

External Federation: 7 Problems And How You Can Fix Them

If you’re reading this post as the fourth in our external federation series, you might be thinking that federation is the absolute solution to your team collaboration nightmares. And you’re right. If your day could be made easier by not having to leave your favorite app like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Webex, federation between your ...

External federation

External Federation: Where Will It Be 1 Year From Now?

By now, you’ve learned the differences between the expectations and realities of external federation. In this post, we’ll take a look at what the state of external federation will be in a year’s time. Table of Contents: History of External Federation The Current State of External Federation Where will External Federation be 1 Year From ...